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Most people think that witchcraft is done by witches who wear tall black pointy hats, with green tinted faces and a wart, who cackle when they laugh and boil things like bats and newts in black cauldrons and cast spells on people and astral project to listen in on people’s conversations.  Yes there are some witches who could fit that description but there are far more who are doing witchcraft every day who look normal and are in leadership of most churches around the world as well as have their own ministries.  And many of them are also men. Truth be told – at the simplest level - witchcraft is when one person tries to make another person do what they want which goes against what God wants for them (sometimes in very subtle ways while others are more overt).  It is not loving or true freedom to try to make a person do what you want them to do when it ultimately hurts them.  Controlling other people to do what you want is done by both men and women and is witchcraft. Where the spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom (2 Corinthians 3:17). The reason people control…

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