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Demons cause people to behave contrary to the fruit of the Spirit by speaking to their minds and having them operate in their sinful flesh.  Demons also cause Christians to not want to talk about deliverance from demonic spirits so that they can continue on tormenting their minds and bodies.  Unfortunately this is why most churches have not been able to truly help people find lasting peace or to live in total freedom and walk in God’s health plan since they avoid most anything to do with deliverance even though 1/3 of Jesus’ ministry was helping people get delivered from demons. The most loving thing we can do for people is to help them get freed from the demons that are tormenting them.  In 2005 the National Science Foundation did a study and found that many people had up to 50-60,000 thoughts a day of which 80% of their thoughts were negative and 95% of their thoughts were repetitive from the same thoughts they had the day before.  When people get delivered from the demons tormenting them they have peace in their mind instead of all the thoughts from the enemy.  Their personalities are stable instead of erratic and then…

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