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Unfortunately most people in the world have an inaccurate viewpoint of God and how much He loves them and they also do not have a healthy godly fear and respect for Him.  There are not many churches who preach a balanced message on both as most either preach an ALL love and no fear of God message, or an ALL fear and no love from God. Most people will say that God loves them but are conflicted as what love actually is based upon how their own father or mother treated them when growing up and what the church taught them. If a child was not loved unconditionally from their own father or mother then it becomes very challenging to believe that God really loves them unconditionally and not based on their performance - but just because He is love.  Many children were actually hurt deeply by their own dad or mom growing up because of their parent’s own wounds when they were growing up.   When a child gets wounded growing up the enemy begins to torment them in their own minds with voices that cause them to have fear, anger, sexual impurity, pride, control issues, and many other challenges. …

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