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Choosing A Godly Mate : Chapter 1 – Is It Good To Be Alone?

Many women have unfortunately decided to get married to a man because they “feel” emotionally attached to someone who is unhealthy or they are growing older and are tired of being alone so will settle for someone less than godly. Then they ignore all of the “red flags” and checks in their spirits.  Many men desire to get married so they can have sex - plain and simple and very fleshly.  But many men who are operating in the spirit of Ahab, unwittingly choose an attractive woman from the physical appearance and then ignore what is inside of the woman’s heart (much pain from feeling ignored, rejected or controlled by their fathers).  Then after they get married they discover that their wife is very controlling, manipulative and verbally abusive and thus causes them to wish they were single and in peace again.  Of course, women can also choose men who are very controlling and abusive and then they set themselves up for disaster as their bodies cannot take constant verbal abuse over and over for years. So what are some of the unhealthy reasons to be married to someone?   Feeling lonely. Desperate for companionship. Desire for sex. Have financial…

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