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It’s been an interesting time for Christians in America as the Lord has been telling His prophets that President Trump would be re-elected but if you listen to the liberal media and Democrats the circumstances look opposite.  But isn’t that just how God loves it.  When everything looks bad and then suddenly things get reversed and good overcomes evil.  David defeated Goliath when he was a teenager and Goliath was nearly 10 feet tall.   Moses led the Israelites out of their bondage in Egypt but then ran into the Red Sea and about 3 miles of water to cross as the Egyptians were chasing them to hunt them down.  Then suddenly the Lord told Moses to raise his arms and staff and the winds blew the Red Sea apart for the Israelites to cross over and then covered up the Egyptians killing everyone.  Daniel looked like he would be killed by the lions in the den but God protected him and those who devised an evil plan were thrown into the den along with their families and all died.  Haman had planned to exterminate all the Jews and then suddenly Queen Esther told the king of his evil plan and…

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