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Today’s world tells us that we need to be bold, loud and aggressive and to demand our own way to make people give us what we want.  That the weak will not survive and to get what you need you have to yell and throw tantrums to get people to fear you and bow down to your every request.  To manipulate others to give you everything you want.  To seduce them to getting them to give you what you desire.  I see it in the church where people try to put guilt trips on those who have mercy hearts in order to get them to serve or give money. A spiritually meek person is not selfish or concerned with getting their own ways, ideas and desires. They are willing to put themselves in second place or last place and submit themselves to do God’s will and help others achieve what is best for them.  They would rather help another person or group of people to succeed and lay their own life desires down for them.  They do not need any spotlight or attention from thousands on social media to tell them how great they are or how beautiful they look…

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