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Jesus knew what being persecuted by the religious elect was like as he had many Pharisees and Scribes who were filled with pride and arrogance who were jealous of His knowledge and hated Him when he pointed out their hypocrisy.  The same demonic religious spirits that were speaking through the Pharisees and Scribes of Jesus’ day are still speaking today.  There are many who are leaders in today’s church who are filled with pride (the Leviathan spirit – Job 41) and piousness instead of the humble heart of Jesus, and they desire to kiss up to the head pastors, elders, etc. in order to position themselves for people to admire in order to show off their gifts of prophecy, musical talents, and teaching in order to make themselves look good all the while making up lies and gossiping about other people in the church to ultimately hurt them.  While it is never enjoyable to have people believe lies and half truths about you…you can take solace that Jesus and Paul and the other disciples went through the same thing.  And suffering for doing good is far better than when the Lord corrects those who are doing evil (as they will…

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