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How we talk to our children later becomes their inner voice

Have you ever considered what you say to your children can haunt them the rest of their lives if you speak negative words of death over them?  Conversely, if you speak positive words of encouragement and life that they will blossom like a flower that receives sunshine and water and will see blessings in their lives.  How often do you think and take inventory of exactly how you speak to and treat your own children?   Those who spoke negatively every day to their children as they were growing up will see children who are largely affected in a negative way for the rest of their lives.  Unfortunately the parents will then blame their children and speak out words of condemnation over them causing a huge chasm to expand throughout their lifetimes between them.  Their children will naturally distance themselves from their parents - wanting to stop the onslaught of death words over them.  Then often the parents will blame shift the reasons that their children want nothing to do with them onto their victimized children causing their children to feel hurt deeply and rarely wanting to ever speak to them as their parents need to own their abuse over…

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