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Our Pasts Control Our Future

When young people decide that they want to be married they do not often think anything about how their pasts will affect their future.  They fall “in love” with a person and allow their emotions to drive their desires and before they know it they are making life-affecting decisions based upon a few months or year or two of “dating” when people try to put on a front of who they believe the other person wants them to be.  They feel “in love” and totally throw out the window all common sense and any possible hint of spiritual discernment.  They let their eyes focus on their mate’s hair, eyes, body, humor, and totally ignore their heart and who they actually are behind closed doors.  They do not see inside their spirit as to whom they are when no one is looking but God. What people do not think about is what happens when a person grows up in a family that has little to no unconditional love and how it may affect a young woman or man for the rest of their lives. I know that I never thought about it as I grew up in a home where I…

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