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Since I transitioned into ministry in 2015 I have seen many people in the church who believe incorrectly that to be a loving godly person that we should try to appease everyone and say yes to most everyone’s requests so as not to offend anyone (which often turn to demands if the person doesn’t get what they want). Many churches have unfortunately bowed down to the squeaky wheel individuals who make the biggest stink if they don’t get their way in order to try to keep them happy (especially if they are larger tithers). The people who create the most havoc and get angry when they don’t get their way are usually operating from unhealed soul wounds which allow demons to control their thoughts. The spirit of Jezebel speaks to people who have been hurt deeply in their pasts and tells them to position themselves into positions of authority within the church so they can control as many people as possible and come against the true Holy Spirit and hurt the hurting people more.   I have seen many churches where the people who are the most controlling and demanding are used to getting their way because of their bullying…

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