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The Lord is raising up His remnant to reverse the curse of the enemy

There is a spiritual tsunami purification wave that is working its way across America right now.  It started when former business mogul Donald Trump was elected president of the United States.  President Trump could not be bought by the Republicans or Democrats and like King Cyrus – was used to do the right thing for the country.  He changed.  You see - many remember who he used to be (brass, selfish, women issues, pro-abortion, ungodly, greed, etc) but then something happened once he got elected.  He changed.  He found Jesus as he now has many godly spiritual advisors who are Holy Spirit filled. His Vice President Mike Pence is a very godly and honorable man from Indiana who I once was able to talk to when he hosted a radio show call in program in Indianapolis on WIBC (we talked about the benefits of raising the state wide speed limit - which was done). Now Trump is making changes in the government that needed to be made for a long time.  He is cleaning the swamp that had been infested for a long time by people who had evil intentions all in the name of power and money.  He is exposing the corruption in government, the lies from the…

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