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Pride develops in people several different ways.  When people get hurt by other people growing up with verbal / emotional pain from a parent, step-parent or any other person then they begin to hear demons tell them in their thoughts that they cannot trust anyone to protect them or make decisions for them.  That they must make all the decisions because their decisions will be the best and to control other people and tell them what to do.  Pride can also come upon a person when they grow up with a prideful parent as they do what they observe. Pride tells God that you don’t need him as you can do a better job.  Pride caused Naaman not to want to humble himself and do what Elisha told him to get healed from his leprosy (dipping 7 times in the dirty Jordan river).  He ultimately humbled himself, obeyed and got healed. Pride causes you to behave sexually impure having sex before marriage or masturbating with no conviction as you justify that if it feels good you will do it because you deserve it even if the Bible says it’s a sin.  Pride causes you to ruin your own relationships as…

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