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The enemy knows that both men and women have a desire to be loved emotionally but also have sexual desires that when not kept between husband and wife in the context of marriage can have devastating effects on people and especially ministries.  Therefore we must all be vigilant to live a life that is holy and righteous before the Lord or else the enemy will use our sin against us to come against our ministry and cause people to become disillusioned, angry and to look upon us as hypocrites.  Sexual sin is one of the main devices that the enemy uses to come against godly people (the other device is financial corruption) as it causes guilt and shame between the two people who committed it, confusion and anger for those who have relationships with the two people and anger and desertion for those who were following them whether in ministry or distant relationships. So now more than ever we must live a consecrated life of righteousness and be sexually pure as Satan wants to bring down anyone and everyone whether you are in ministry or calling yourself a Christian.  The Lord has shown me and others in ministry to be…

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