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So many people around the world are getting Jezebelled by people who make accusations, lies and slander them, often publicly on social media.  The spirit of Jezebel loves to accuse people of lies and slander them publicly because they believe it will cause people to believe their lies and join in their hating of their victim.  What usually happens is that those who also struggle with the spirit of Jezebel who have like spirits as the Jezebel – will often believe them, but those who are godly will see through their lies and dismiss them and support the victim.  You see it all the time in politics when the liberal media makes false lies to slander a good person’s character or reputation to make people believe things that are not true to stop them from being re-elected or winning the support over various issues.  Many Democrats will Jezebel Republicans even though obviously not every Republican is godly. When people attack you and lie about you to others, while it is not enjoyable that some people will believe the lies, the Lord knows the truth and that is really all that matters.  Often the Jezebel has unhealed soul wounds and the…

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