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Each week another more evil, sinister and sly plan is released around the world by evil leaders, in our countries, states, cities, towns, and churches.  People are focused on COVID-19 while they are missing the much bigger picture of those who are in evil high places as they try to take away more of our freedom and life from people who are healthy and Christian.  Little by little they want to control more and more of our lives, trying to instill fear over something that has a 98% cure rate.  There are many people who are reporting that they were contacted by their health clinics and informed that they tested positive for the COVID when they never actually stayed to get themselves tested as they had to leave since the wait took too long.  Other states are reporting exceedingly high numbers of positive results that are actually false and manufactured to make look much worse than it really is.  Now they are trying to force everyone to wear masks that are not effective to stop the virus as indicated on the boxes.  The next thing they will try to do is force people to take a vaccine that would infect…

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