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It has been amazing to watch in 2020 as the increase in demand around the world from people who are flocking to inner healing and deliverance ministries are looking for results that the mental health and counseling community rarely sees.  People are desperate for peace. Simply put – you cannot behaviorally improve your life by trying harder without going through the process of inner healing and deliverance.  Until you are able to address and stop all the negative thoughts that come from demons in your mind (50-60,000 thoughts a day of which 80% are negative and 95% repetitive from the day before according to a National Science Foundation study in 2005) you will be tormented and never have peace.   No matter how many times your pastor / counselor or therapist tells you to think positively and be at peace – if your demons have legal rights to torment your mind with their voices through unforgiveness of people who have hurt you in your past, behaving pridefully and rehashing all the bad things that have ever happened to you - then you will never experience peace.  Medicine and counseling from a non-spiritual perspective cannot cure a spiritual demonic issue. The most…

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