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God intended you to enjoy your life

One part of a Christian's life that many in ministry fail to talk about is the importance of enjoying one's life.  Yes, so many of us get hurt as a child from father or mother's wounds and then have to play catch up the rest of our lives as our hearts have been scarred and we take our pain out on our loved ones.  Then we end up having more broken hearts when our spouses betray us or abuse us with their pain.  So what is a Christian life supposed to really look like? God wants His people to enjoy themselves in life and to have fun, laughing and teasing much.  Good wholesome fun is good for the heart and the soul. Too many people talk about their past hurts and it only leads to keeping them locked into what the enemy did to them instead of choosing to forgive and forget and move forward into the greater things the Lord has for them.  You can tell when a person has been healed in their hearts as they will talk more about the now and future then the past.  Yes hurting people hurt people. That is a fact.  Healthy people…

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