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The truth that is actually a lie of the spirit of Jezebel

The enemy knows if he can get enough people to believe lies about a godly person then the effectiveness of what the godly person is trying to accomplish for the Lord will be greatly diminished.  This is how the enemy works throughout the world is to create a false narrative, often about the character of godly people, in order to render them to be completely ineffective. The people who have the heart of the enemy within them also must appear to have a good heart with good intentions in order for their false accusations to be at least partly believed.  If the general populace know that a person has evil intentions then they will never believe the evil that they are trying to portray about the godly people could possibly be true.   For many of us it is like we are living a real-life spy thriller as we don’t know who we can completely trust.  Many times those with evil intentions will act like they are our best friends and even try to marry us but over time (sometimes a year or longer) we will finally start discerning that they do not have our best interests at heart and…

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