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The enemy is planning to make our lives more miserable in the months of September and October as the election nears in the United States.  More people are having dreams and seeing visions of tougher times coming upon us as the enemy knows this is a life or death situation for those who are doing pure evil if President Trump gets re-elected.  Trump is not tolerating those who have done horrible things to children and humans in general and plans to bring justice to them (pedophilia, sex trafficking, abortion, murdering children and over 2,000 children per day are going missing) as well as those who are financially and politically corrupt (George Soros, the Clintons, Obamas, Bill Gates, Hollywood elites, etc.).  That is what this whole Plandemic has been all about.  To incite fear through a virus that is much like the flu in order to shut down the economy and attempt to allow voter fraud through mail-in votes so the Democrats can try to steal the election from Trump.  Then the most evil people in the world can move all of us into their New World Order Socialist government regime controlled by people who have the most evil intentions, trying…

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