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2020 is the Year to Pursue Righteousness

In prayer today the Lord showed me the state of the church around the world and how so many have been playing church without true repentance for their sin. They have walked in pride and arrogance coming against those who are godly because they are able to speak louder and make threats if anyone dares comes against them. The spirits of Jezebel and Leviathan have infected many of those in the church at all different levels. Jezebel wants to pursue leadership so they can control other people and come against the true Holy Spirit and shut down the Lord in people’s lives. So many are sexually impure, controlling, manipulative, prideful (Leviathan – Job 41), lie and come against their own godly spouses trying to stop them from doing the work of the Lord, coming against those who are in godly ministries operating for the Lord, wanting to promote themselves, take money from people who are hurting and use them, and they have impure motives in their own hearts. God said He is going to expose those who have ungodly minds and impure hearts like never before. He has given them time to repent and they are thumbing their noses at…

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