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I hear from thousands of people each year who have struggled through being emotionally, physically or sexually abused in their relationships, often times for much of their lives (marriages, fathers and mothers, step fathers, church leadership and those who attend, friends, etc.).  Most people who attend church who have been married have been preached to that God hates divorce and so feel like they must stay in a toxic, abusive relationships until death do they part.  Of course God hates divorce – but He also hates abuse which causes the victims to feel sick to their stomachs and often receive diseases and a slow death due to the unhealthy control, feel scared of their spouse and have to walk on egg shells every day while submitting to the demons in their spouse, parents or others.  Does God actually want you to stay submitted to a person whose demons are manifesting on you every day, verbally and emotionally abusing you for hours every day, causing you to feel worthless at best and suicidal at worst, dying slowly inside your body, soul and spirit every day and unable to do anything for the Lord?  Absolutely not.  And abuse does not have to…

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