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Whose voice are you listening to?

Every person in the world hears voices whether they want to admit it or not. Many of the voices are coming from the enemy which cause people to do things that align with the enemy (fear, control, manipulation, lying, sexual sins, pride, selfishness, anger, etc).  Some of the voices we hear in our minds come from the Lord or Holy Spirit.  And some voices are our own thoughts.  Far too many people who attend church are hearing the enemy's voice and have no idea.  Unfortunately these people make choices that cause them to never have peace, strive over most things and have broken relationships and children who are hurt and want nothing to do with them. Hearing one thought from the enemy can cause a person to ruin a quiet evening, cause their spouse to cry, and cause a child to feel unloved.  People need to discern every thought that comes into their minds to determine if it is from the enemy, the Holy Spirit or the Lord or their own thoughts.  Too many people who attend church think every thought they have is from the Lord or their own mind and go with it. They act upon what they…

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