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The symbolism of my 3-hour Denver hike with the bull snake, 3 fish and the prairie dogs

So last night I returned to Denver from tending to the funeral of my oldest brother Keith from Indiana. I love to go for runs, walks and hikes and the weather was perfect in Denver this morning for a long run, walk and hike on a trail that I had not ventured on before. I went about 90 minutes in one direction towards the Rocky Mountains. On my way out I noticed something I had never seen on any of my hikes before that were not around any body of water (stream, creek, river, pond, lake, ocean). I saw 3 large fish that were about 18-24 inches long. It seemed strange to me as the nearest stream, creek and river was over 10 miles away and there were no ponds around that would hold fish that large nearby as I was near the high point of the area. I then hiked another 90 minutes and realizing that I did not bring any water with me, decided to return as the temperatures were warming. I had noticed a sign warning me about rattle snakes in the area that I was hiking in. About half way back to home I saw a…

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