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Everyone in the world is now being tested – especially those who call themselves Christians. The age where we used to simply be able to show up at church on Sunday mornings and act like we were Christians – engage with a few people and be nice to them, drink some coffee and eat a donut or bagel, sing some songs and hear a nice 40-minute message making us feel good and then go home and live like the world the rest of the week is now over. Our mettle is being tested – as God is watching to see if we have any faith to trust Him and choose to serve Him completely in the face of an uproar or if we are all scared like the world and willing to bow down to our local and state governments like everyone else is doing. It is not easy standing up for Jesus when the rest of the world is afraid, angry, yelling, rioting, in your face and behaving crazy and threatening you. It is not easy when those who are not of the Lord raise their voice, fighting with you on social media (time to block!), threatening to come…

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