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Freedom never felt so good around the world

Yesterday was an amazing day for me at Restored to Freedom.  I was able to chat with people from Texas, New Jersey, Germany, Barbados, California and Indiana.  All from the comfort of my home office.  It is so exciting to see what the Lord is doing around the world in getting people set free from the enemy in their lives in order to live a more peaceful life.  When people are ready to get their lives free from the enemy hurting them after sometimes 40, 60, 70 even 85 years of bondage, it is a most beautiful thing.

So I love to think about how the Holy Spirit has been doing this.  This past month the Elijah List has been advertising my book, Restored to Freedom, on their home page of their website.  A woman from Germany clicked on the ad and then learned about how the Leviathan spirit can cause one to suffer from many physical infirmities including back pain, neck tightness, insomnia, blurriness of vision, headaches, troubled digestive systems, even Fibromylagia and other maladies.

She reached out to me when I was in California and we set up a time for deliverance that took place yesterday.  After she read the renunciation prayer to get free from Leviathan and I commanded all remnants of that spirit to be gone, she immediately felt more peace, lighter, and  the pain to go from her back and neck, inside her stomach and even her shorter leg grew out to match the other.  It was a suddenly that she expected, even though she had waited her entire life for it and had many counseling sessions that were unfruitful. She was 70 years old.  It never is too late to obtain total freedom from the enemy.

I also worked with a 27 year old beautiful woman from the Caribbean (Barbados) who wanted free from the Jezebel and Leviathan spirits.  As she was reading the Jezebel and Leviathan renunciation prayers she yawned about 20 times as she read.  It was amazing to see the gentleness with which the Lord was setting her free.  She was prepared for a more violent deliverance but I have never desired anything more than a yawn or burp to indicate the spirits leaving.  And that is exactly what I have been observing for more than 2 years of doing deliverances.

She was so excited after she was set free because she felt total peace and like the heavy chains of oppression were completely gone, that she asked if I could also take her daughters and sister through a session.  I expected that I would need to set up a session with them in a couple of weeks when my next availability would take place, but they wanted it NOW!  They were waiting outside of her room and ready to go.  I was shocked.  I loved their exuberance as I had not seen such vigilance from anywhere in the world.  They rushed into the room like they had been listening outside and were ready to rock and roll.  They all repeated the prayers with true desire and all got immediately set free.  Praise God.

It is such a beautiful thing to see how the Lord is working in the lives of so many all over the world.  I often cry when I watch a person get set free because I know that they have been wanting this for an entire lifetime.  The oldest person that I have gotten freed so far was a 90 year old woman from England.  It will never get old, because when a person gets freed, they are free indeed.  The angels rejoice and I cry tears of joy.  Thank you Jesus for freedom in You!  Nothing can stop what the Lord is doing!

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