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You can never have peace when dealing with the Jezebel spirit

In 2 Kings 9:22-23 Joram asks Jehu “Is it peace, Jehu?” and Jehu responded “What peace, as long as the harlotries of your mother Jezebel and her witchcraft are so many?”  For anyone that is married to a person operating in the Jezebel spririt, you know what I am talking about.  They are never at peace, striving to get their way at all costs.  If they don’t get their way in everything, they will make your life hell in order to make you change your mind.  If you are a pastor of a church or leader of a ministry you will become weary and worn out as they will manipulate to get their own way over others.

Unfortunately so many marriages and ministries are being torn apart because of the spirit of Jezebel which cause strife constantly.  The spirit of Jezebel comes on a person who grows up with significant father wounds (and sometimes a mother who is extremely controlling and manipulative).  When a child feels rejected, controlled, manipulated or worse from a father, the enemy starts to whisper to them that they cannot be protected or trust their father and so need to control all their circumstances.  Then later in life they become dependent on hearing the enemy speak to them and are unaware that they have given themselves to the enemy.  Then they have no peace in life, behave out of fear, and control and manipulate others, causing their relationships to be sabotaged.

Living with a person who has the Jezebel spirit is never fun and is quite exhausting.  Most people who have been married to one tend to become weary over time as they can never get the person to behave normally or in peace.  As Queen Jezebel did in the book of Kings, so does the spirit cause people to do today.  Most Jezebels are very cunning and try to appear loving and desiring to “help” people in front of the church, while trying to shut down their spouse and others behind closed doors.  They are not real as they are wearing a mask trying to cause people to think they are altruistic in their behavior while operating in pure evil in secret.  And trying to ignore the evil behavior and just loving the person will never get them delivered as they will only gain strength.

Most that are married to people who have the Jezebel spirit become physically worn out and especially emotionally drained.  If you have endured it for years, as many have, you can often develop physical sickness and disease in your body.  I have seen many women who are married to Jezebel men, who have actually developed cancer and die in their 40’s or 50’s.  Taking all the emotional control, manipulation and abuse becomes more than their bodies were meant to handle.  One man’s wife died from cancer and then he got remarried to a healthy woman. Within a year she started developing physical sickness and going downhill.  Jezebel literally wants to kill its victims.

So what do you do if you have no peace being married to a Jezebel?  The quickest solution is to part.  Separating from a person with the Jezebel spirit will at least allow you to live in peace from a constant state of verbal assaults, although they can still call and text strife to you.  Unfortunately the person will often not change because once they realize that they can no longer control you, then they have no desire for you.  After all the Jezebel spirit is known as the “unhusbanded, or unwifed” spirit because they never stay married for very long as the new victims often receive worse treatment than the former.

The only way that you can truly get the person to be at peace is to have the Holy Spirit convict them that they are operating in that spirit.  Then they have to admit it and no longer want it.  Then they command the spirit to go and most become a person over night, while others may struggle for a few months until obtaining total freedom.  Many have read my book Restored to Freedom and received the freedom they have been looking for all their lives.  I also have done thousands of individual sessions with people around the world and on Facebook LIVE worldwide deliverance sessions.

God wants a pure and spotless church and upping the intensity to get His people righteous before Him around the world.  His tolerance for allowing that spirit to operate is shortening.  Churches are being shut down when a pastor is operating in the Jezebel and Leviathan spirits and people are being exposed.  Enough is enough. That is why Revelation Ch 2:20-22 says that the Lord is angry with the corrupt church that tolerates the spirit of Jezebel as He will put her on a sickbed and kill her children (those that she teaches her false teaching to). You cannot simply “love” the person with Jezebel and allow them to operate in the church.  You must deal with them firmly (in love) and get them set freed. It is time to get freed from Jezebel in order to live in peace forever.

2 Replies to “You can never have peace when dealing with the Jezebel spirit”

  • What if you have a child with a person with a Jezebel spirit? Do you get a restraining order and keep the child from them? Even if they claim to love the child and “act” loving to the child? If you cut contact and they choose to allow the Holy Spirit in how would you know? If they become saved from God can they see the child? Or do you cut all ties and forget them?

    • You should tell your child about the spirit of Jezebel and let them make the decision as to whether they want to stay friends with them or not. In some cases you may need to love your child from afar if they will not choose wisdom.

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