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Tolerating The Jezebel Spirit Comes with a price

What does the Bible say about tolerating the Jezebel spirit? In Revelation 2:20-23 NKJV the Lord is discussing a church of the past (Church of Thyatira) which represents many churches today “20 Nevertheless I have a few things against you, because you allow that woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophetess, to teach and seduce My servants to commit sexual immorality and eat things sacrificed to idols. 21 And I gave her time to repent of her sexual immorality, and she did not repent. 22 Indeed I will cast her into a sickbed, and those who commit adultery with her into great tribulation, unless they repent of their deeds. 23 I will kill her children with death, and all the churches shall know that I am He who searches the minds and hearts. And I will give to each one of you according to your works.”

So what does this mean?  It means that the Lord is extremely fervent of anyone who is operating in the Jezebel spirit (men or women) to stop it and to get delivered to become honest, pure and holy before him.  And if you allow people within the church to operate in the Jezebel spirit, then He will do something about it. In many cases God gives a person warnings along their lives to shape up and stop their insidious, evil behavior and to repent before Him and change. If they choose to continue to control, manipulate and hurt his people through their devious behavior, then he will eventually take them out as well as their disciples who operate in the Jezebel spirit. He does not mess around.

I know of a church whose leaders tolerated the Jezebel spirit, preached that there was no such thing as the Jezebel spirit and even went to the extent to state that God loved people so much that if you happened to die and go to hell that He would give you one more chance to get out.  The pastor also encouraged those who had the Jezebel spirit to divorce their husbands or wives instead of getting the abusive spouse delivered from Jezebel.  God then had one of the abused husbands confront the pastor to let him know what he was preaching was an abomination to the Lord and unless he repented and changed, his church would be shut down.  The pastor mocked the warning, and a year later lost his entire church as the Lord shut it down and sold it to the humane society.  Just like Jezebel was eaten by the dogs the Lord sold the church to the dogs.  God does not mess around.

Another woman from New Zealand was operating in the spirit of Jezebel and was finally confronted by her family and she denied it. She took 2 steps to walk away and died.  God is very patient at waiting for people operating in that spirit to repent but there comes a day when He says your time is up.  There are many in the church around the world who are operating in the Jezebel spirit and God is now moving upon them to cease.  He is notifying those in the church leadership that if you allow people in your church to operate in the Jezebel spirit, that you will be held accountable.  Therefore what do you do if you are a pastor or leader in your church and know that you have people who attend your church (or are in leadership positions)?  You cannot simply turn a blind eye and allow these people to operate in sin.  You must address it.  Yes many that are pastors and leaders suffer from the Ahab spirit, so have difficulty with confronting people who are operating in it.  But it must be done.  You can no longer allow Jezebel to operate or you will also be judged.

I have been called into churches around the country to address those within their church operating in the Jezebel and Leviathan spirits and have seen entire congregations delivered at once. Then the church is able to operate in the purity and holiness that the Lord requires.  Those that continue to operate in the Jezebel spirit have then been officially notified by the Lord and their lives will get worse until they either repent and give it up or the Lord makes their life worse until they don’t want to keep it anymore.

The fact of the situation is that there are people who  operate in Jezebel in every church in the world and more than 75% of the leaders and pastors are simply allowing it to happen.  Many don’t know what to do.  One pastor contacted me because his wife was operating in it and trying to shut him down from teaching effectively.  So he contacted me to come to his church and to speak and minister to the entire congregation in hopes that his wife will get set free because it was killing his marriage, ministry and  life.  It is time for everyone to stand up for Christ, purity and righteousness and do the right thing!  No more cowering in the corner allowing Jezebel to threaten and dominate.  Become a mighty man or woman of valor and deal with people who have been abusing others their entire lifetimes.  The Lord will hold you accountable.

That is what I am doing at Restored to Freedom, getting the church purified and holy as we prepare for the return of Christ for His people.  It is time as we continue towards the end times of this world as we know it. It is time to stand up and be held accountable.  Do you know of people in your church or life who are operating in that devious spirit of Jezebel? If you do, then address it and get them delivered. If you do not know how to get them set free then you can contact me and I will do it for you.  I am training people around the country to help them be equipped to effectively know what to do in order to purify the church.  It is time.

14 Replies to “Tolerating The Jezebel Spirit Comes with a price”

  • Many times we choose no offense and forgive. Any words will be judged and twisted. It is sad to see rejections and falsehoods.
    We didn’t realize this was coming from Ahab. (?)

  • The Jezebel spirit sounds to me like Narcissistic personality disorder. My sister has this affliction and I have been praying for her. She will not admit anything is wrong with her. I stopped all contact with her as it was so damaging to be around her; however I am now trying to enter back into her life as I want to be there for her children. Please let me know how I can help her – do you find that people operating with a Jezebel spirit admit to this? If not, how do you deal with them?

    • Yes the psychological community labels Jezebel spirited behavior as Narcisstic. The biggest success I have seen with people getting delivered from the Jezebel spirit who deny they have it is to mail them my book Restored to Freedom (available on Amazon) anonymously by ordering it as a gift from Amazon so it doesnt show your name, or they mail it from another location from UPS Store and use the UPS store so they cannot figure out who sent it to them. Then the Holy Spirit draws people to read it and then they get delivered

  • I need clarification on the Jezebel “spirit” as I have yet to find where scripture says Jezebel is a spirit. I read it as if it is an actual person. Please help me understand this.

    • Revelation Ch 2 18-33 talks about the church permitting Jezebel to teach and then putting her on a sickbed and killing her children. This is symbolic of the spirit of Jezebel and what it is doing today in the church. I have seen tens of thousands getting delivered around the world through the deliverance videos. You can visit my video testimonials to check out some of the amazing deliverances. Below is one of my deliverance videos.

  • I deal with a woman at my job who is ate up with the Jezebel spirit. I ask each of you to pray for her deliverance of that as well as her choice of homosexuality.

  • I had jezebel spirit and accused others havong it…then it attacked me by sin of masturbation and seduced me telling it was the Holy spirit and i got sexual sensations. I got into psychodis, i believe i was possessed. Now im almost brain damaged, hooked to benzos, bed boubd, no joy, happiness, love, only suffering, feeling disconnected. I know God judged me. Im tormented by my sins and feel like the holy spirit is gone….i just have fear of destruction.is it possible for God to forgibe me since im still alive? I have been asking, but my concience accuses me 24/7of the sins, im wuilty of all the sins listed in the new testament….cahe has thrown me into sickbed, but is there forgivness anymore?

  • I am asking you to help me. I just found out I was acting in the spirit of Jezebel. . I didn’t know I was practicing with a jezebel spirit in ministry. Until my pastor told me. And that my practices could harm the church. So I knowledged and have repented.
    Can you pray for me, that God completely change me and restore me to the church. I don’t won’t to hurt the church. I want to help and not be a hinderance. Please pray for me and with me.

    • You can be delivered by watching one of my deliverance sessions at YouTube.com/nelsonschuman67 and going to my Playlist (Videos to Get Delivered). You can also read my book Restored to Freedom available on Amazon.

  • I’m in desperate need of help, my mother is controlled by this Spirit and my poor Father suffers so badly. I’ve read over the years the traits of such a person that’s controlled by this Spirit at one point and time I to was controlled by it through rejection and all the like . I’ve asked God to deliver me and help me to be the person he’s called me to be. As I have grown over the years my mother do not have a hold on me praise God but she do gave my father.Who is a kind hearted man that do not deserve the hell and unjust pain she puts him through almost daily. I have prayed to God for years that he would give my father the Spirit of Jehu. So that he can cast that spirit down..God help me to be able to help my parents. My mother will never admit she is affected by such a thing but in my heart I believe she knows the agony she inflicts on my father or who ever cross her . But I’m so glad I just read about Revelation 2 Where God said we don’t have to tolerated That Spirit we should not . I’m not any more ,therefore if you will join me in prayer to stand in the gap for my father and mother because the truth is both are in need of healing. To God be the glory for ever and ever Amen.

  • There is a man in our church with Jezabel spirit. Holy Spirit showed me this.But our pastor doesn’t believe in anything against that person. He is very close to pastor. He is always plotting against me and my husband. I warned pastor but did not tell him the name.What should I do? Holy Spirit put in my heart the he is a termite eating Wood of a ship(church). This ship is sinking because the captain of the ship is not treating the termite. So it is wise to come out of the sinking ship like mice. Mice sense the danger and come out of their holes and ran to the safe place.

    • I know it’s been a couple of years since this post. My husband and I started researching why do churches split? The Baptist church we were attending had split several times, it seems to happen alot in this denomination. My husband’s mother has always hated me, it’s been going on now for 32 years. In our study it said the person with the Jezebel spirit will attach themselves to the pastor, in order to control them. As we read more and more my husband suddenly stopped and said oh my, this is my mom…to a Tee. There were some other things going on in their relationship like she has emotional incest, which means detached emotions with her husband, but depending on my husband for her emotional support. Nothing sexual. His dad has the King Ahab spirit, which Jezebel needs to survive by control. Jezebel must make the pastor think he can’t survive without her/him. Pastor Robert Morris also has a good teaching too. It’s called Stop Tolerating the Jezebel Spirit. I am in situation where mama Jezebel has instilled fear in everyone around her but me. No one will tell her the truth!

      • Dealing with people who operate in the Jezebel spirit is the worst thing to have to endure. So exhausting in every way.

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