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How to choose a healthy mate who does not have the Jezebel spirit

There are billions of people on earth who are operating in the Jezebel spirit.  They are charismatic, physically attractive, showing powerful leadership qualities and are attending churches while appearing godly, and yet are the biggest con artists out there.  So how can you discern if a person is who they say they are and appear to be?  How can you make sure that a life decision that is so very critical is not made into a huge mistake that could put your very life at risk?  There are signs to look for that are very well disguised that you need to discern and not look upon the outward surface but to see in the spirit realm as to who that person really is behind closed doors.

People who operate in the Jezebel spirit are Academy Award winning actors and actresses who can fool 98% of the people in the world into believing they are the most loving and caring people out there. They will do enough things for other people, especially in the church, to make you think that they are altruistic and giving, while operating in a deep, dark, sinister double life behind closed doors.  They are the quintessential Dr. Jeckyl / Mr. Hyde personality who can appear so debonair, and “life of the party” in front of the public, while demeaning and controlling you to where you feel like an abused puppet behind closed doors.  You feel like you are in a spy movie where everyone believes that the star is such a caring, giving and loving person, but at the end of the movie, he was the one who murdered all the others unbeknownst to everyone else.

So what are some of the signs to look for to determine if a person could potentially be living a supreme lie and portraying themselves to be the most loving person on earth, when in reality they want to control every move you make and cause you to bow to them and shut you down in ministry?

  • They would have grown up with either a father or mother who rejected, controlled, and manipulated them (the more hurt and pain – the stronger that the Jezebel spirit will be upon them – so if they were abused emotionally or even physically or sexually – then they would usually carry an extreme Jezebel spirit)
  • They will be very insecure due to not having the protection by their father or mother and will compensate by making themselves look very confident and bold
  • They will be anxious (out of fear that has been driving them since childhood as the enemy has been whispering to them for a lifetime)
  • They can overcompensate in their lives due to the fear by trying to overpower other people when it comes to working out to gain physical strength and intimidation – they will also be very competitive in everything trying to prove that they can beat you at anything.  They do not like to lose at anything and are no fun to be married to because they will make everything a competition and if you are better at them at something then they will not want to play that game or attempt to do what you are doing.
  • They will belittle you so they look good and you feel bad
  • They are very good at wearing a mask to cover up the evilness that lurks inside of them until they have a ring on your finger so that they can control your every move once married and its too late
  • They want to marry someone attractive that would be considered “arm candy” that they can show off to make themselves look good in front of the public, such would be considered as a trophy wife (or husband) while wanting to control their every move once married
  • They will have strong selfish sexual urges that are not godly as they want to bring pleasure to themselves and do not care about their spouses purity and godliness. They want to dominate you in every way imaginable as they will want their selfish fleshly desires to be met and will cause you to compromise your godly values through their constant wearing you down to give into them
  • They will be very jealous of you – especially if you are talking to a person of the opposite sex – even stating that you were considering a sexual affair with them when nothing could be further from the truth.  One woman told her husband who operated in a strong prophetic gifting that he could no longer give prophetic words to women during worship because it was not proper.  So out of trying to keep the peace, he had to only give prophetic words to men.

You also must give it time. If you get married in a short timeframe then they will be able to cover up and protect the real deviate person inside of them.  If you date them for at least a year, and spend time around them, then you will see the red flags come up as they cannot keep it hidden forever.  You must discern in the spirit by not just looking upon the surface but seeing in the spirit and the Holy Spirit will reveal the truth.  The reason they behave with a strong anxiety level is because they do not want people to discover who they really are behind closed doors. They do not want you to know that they have lied to you many times already, are control freaks and will manipulate you at every turn to get their way, and have a sexual problem that is very dark.  They are constantly looking over their shoulders and trying to cover their tracks so you cannot find out who they really are.

If you have the Holy Spirit in you, then you should be able to discern to some level some of the red flags.  Often times these people will be able to pray in tongues (or at least say that they do) and can be prophetic. That is why it is so key to spend as much time with them as you can before you say I do.  Can these people ultimately get delivered from the Jezebel and Leviathan spirits? Yes they can but it is not easy. They must admit to their dark behavior behind closed doors and want to be set free.  I have seen thousands around the world get free through my ministry and my book Restored to Freedom.  But if you are looking to get remarried – you would be best served not marrying a person with the Jezebel spirit because you will be connecting yourself to a very scary, controlling person.  God is on the move and wants His people to be honest, pure and righteous before the Lord.

2 Replies to “How to choose a healthy mate who does not have the Jezebel spirit”

  • I was married to a man like this for 25 years. He was a church Pastor and very angry and controlling. Most of our friends have stuck by him as they think he is such a nice guy. He did go for counselling but never has he apologised for the terror he caused and still has tantrums. He is now living with his girlfriend and my oldest son and I am saddened by the lack of a godly example he has been for our son’s. I had some red flags before we married such as his rage and inability to discuss any issues but I ignored them. I will others to be vigileant and not settle for a man like this.

    • So sorry to hear Donna. So many people operate in Jezebel and behave so nicely to everyone else but their spouse and kids and other targets. God is on the move of exposing this around the world to truly help people get delivered so they can go to heaven and not hell.

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