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The 800 lb gorilla in 95% of churches and ministries is named Jezebel

There is a huge 800 lb gorilla in every church and ministry in the world who does not talk about a certain subject.  Unfortunately over 95% of churches and ministries in the world avoid talking about that certain subject.  What is the subject – you may ask? It is the subject of people within the church and ministries operating in the spirit of Jezebel and Leviathan.  You see if you are the senior pastor of a church or leader of a ministry and fail to address this subject – then you allow people who operate in those spirits to do damage to the structure of the church and ministry.

People who struggle with operating in the spirits of Jezebel  and Leviathan will vie for leadership positions with the church or ministries.  They want to be able to control other people in order to shut down true effectiveness of the church and other ministries.  They will often times become best friends with the leader at the top in order to be protected by them so they can operate in a covert way within the church or ministry. Then after they have been placed in that position of power, they will slowly begin to wield their authority over people in order to allow certain ungodly practices to occur and to shut down any true deliverance and freedom in those within the church or ministry.

That is why you see many churches begin to stagnate in their growth, and eventually a church split or shutdown will occur.  Jezebel loves to control and manipulate other people. If they can find a senior pastor or leader of a ministry who operates out of a spirit of Ahab (they do not like to confront people who are hard to deal with) then they can do their dirty work and be protected.  The same spirit that the infamous Jezebel who was married to King Ahab, exists in people in every church in the world, except for those who are bold enough to speak about regularly throughout the year (which is very few).  If a church or ministry talks about that spirit on a regular basis, then those who operate out of that spirit will feel uncomfortable because they know that the leader of the church or ministry knows who they really are and will usually leave that environment.

Churches or ministries whose senior pastor or leaders actually operate in the spirits of Jezebel or Leviathan will never last. They may see rapid growth for a season, but God will eventually open up the spirits eyes of those within the congregation or ministry and they will know something is just not right or pure and then leave.  That is why it is important for people not to just ignore the 800 lb gorilla in the room but to talk about it openly so it is dealt with effectively.  Revelation chapter 2 talks about how God saw the works of the church of Thyatira and although they appeared to be good, that God had something against that church. It was that they tolerated the spirit of Jezebel and allowed them to teach. So God said He would put them on a sickbed and kill her children (which are symbolic for those they taught).

I have seen churches and ministries shut down whose senior pastor or leader operated in the spirit of Jezebel and Leviathan.  So what does the spirit of Jezebel cause a person to do? It has them control and manipulate other people so that they will never be truly delivered from the enemy.  It also causes them, based out of fear, to lie about things they are doing behind closed doors that are not healthy. It will cause them to whisper lies about good people, in order to ultimately hurt those in the church and shut it down.  There is usually a sexually selfish and perverse side to them as well.

Leviathan causes people to operate in a prideful spirit and want people to serve them.  It also twists the truth in their minds.  Also causes back and neck pain, scoliosis, insomnia, when they read or listen to the Word, they become sleepy so they cannot receive.  They could also have other diseases that never get healed such as fibromyalgia, lupus, diabetes, cancer, etc.

One obtains the spirits of Jezebel and Leviathan through significant father or mother wounds when growing up as the child begins to hear the enemy whisper to them that they cannot trust their father or mother because they did not love them. Therefore based out of fear they continue to listen to the enemy’s voice and it drives them to control other people.  Often times they are gifted and can pray in tongues as well as prophesy over people.  It is a very strange situation of a person hearing from the Holy Spirit but also hearing a counterfeit Holy Spirit of the enemy. Truly a tormented life.  One can also obtain the spirit of Leviathan if their father, grandfather or great grandfather was ever a member of the Freemasons or Shriners (or Eastern Star) as they state oaths to Satan which then cause the spirit of Leviathan to have a write to come down their bloodline and hurt their family members.

In order to deal with people who have the spirits of Jezebel and Leviathan you cannot just love and let them continue to operate in those spirits. You must love them by addressing the subject and then bringing them to true repentance of serving those spirits and then having them command the spirits to go from them. Too many church and ministry leaders do not want to address it – so let the person operate in it and stick their heads in the sand hoping they change.  Instead they tolerate that spirit in them and their church or ministry will eventually become stagnate and good people will start to discern something is not right and will eventually leave.

That is where Restored to Freedom comes into play.  We talk about this issue every week and area seeing amazing results of getting people set freed from those spirits around the world.  If you know of people who are operating out of those spirits, suggest that they watch one of my Worldwide Deliverance Sessions on Facebook LIVE (the last Sunday night of each month at 9 pm Eastern time) or to read my book Restored to Freedom (available on Amazon in paperback or Kindle). It is time for the church and other ministries to talk about this subject on a regular basis or you will be hurt by it and could lose your church or ministry.

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    • Because the gifts of the Lord can still operate as He is drawing them to help people and wants them to get completely freed themselves, yet the spirit of Jezebel / Leviathan is also speaking to them so sometimes the gifts can be tainted. It is very interesting indeed but I have seen it first hand with many who are gifted in the prophetic. Jezebel attacks those who are prophetic (like she did to stop Elijah) and they often will come against the true prophets of the Lord while also being able to hear the Lord. It is true torment within them because they are never at peace.

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