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What happens to a person when they are sexually molested or assaulted?

What happens when a person is sexually molested, raped or suffers incest?  We all know that people who have experienced this trauma will usually develop a strong sense of fear, lack of trust of people (especially from the same sex that caused the sexual trauma), anger, desire to control other people and sexual desires in their own lives are not pure.  But what happens from the spiritual side that no one can see?

At the point that the sexual trauma occurs, the person will have demonic spirits that have a legal right to transfer into them and begin their torment by speaking to them in their head.  The spirit of Jezebel has a right to come into them and will then start speaking to them in their thoughts, causing them to hear their voices telling them that they cannot trust anyone, and to take out their anger on the same sex as the person who molested them (if a boy is molested by another boy then he can also take out his anger on his future wife).  If a girl is molested or raped by a boy or man, she will hear the voices telling her she can never trust a man when she gets older.  They will cause her to control, manipulate and dominate her future husband as the voices tell her that all men are like her attacker and to retaliate and take vengeance upon him.  If a young boy is molested by his sister or other female, then he will hear voices telling him that all women are not to be trusted and to hate them.

According to a 2009 U.S. Department of Justice study, 33% of girls and 14% of boys will be sexually assaulted by the time they reach age 18 and more than 90% of child sexual abuse victims know their attacker.  The estimated annual cost of child abuse and neglect in the U.S for 2008 was $124 billion (2012 Child Abuse & Neglect report).   A person is abused in the U.S. every 9 seconds (Bureau of Justice Statistics).

Unfortunately the world tries to deal with a demonic issue through counseling and medication which can never get to the root of the issue.  Thus people who have been sexually assaulted will typically hear the voices of the spirit of Jezebel  and will cause the person to torment other people that they have relationships with throughout their lifetimes.  The enemy spirits often times control the victimized person to become addicted to unhealthy sexual patterns, alcohol and drugs and live a very depressing and harmful life.

The only true solution is for a deliverance to occur in the person to evict the demonic spirits from having a right to torment their minds.  Deliverance involves taking away the legal right for the demons to stay upon the person.  The 3 key components of the deliverance are 1) Choosing to truly forgive their perpetrators for what was done to them, 2) Repenting for all that they did to hurt other people in their life, 3) Commanding the demons to be gone from them and send them back to hell.

Once the demons’ legal right has been stripped from them, then the person is no longer tormented by the voices of the enemy in their heads.  They are no longer controlled like a puppet and can function in a normal state of mind.  Often times these people will then have a desire to help others who have been sexually molested to allow them to learn how to be completely set free through effective deliverance.

One 8 year old boy who was molested by a 9 year old boy then molested his 4 year old sister.  For the next ten years the boy who was molested then caused horrible strife for his entire family, was disrespectful and violent to his parents and defiant to law enforcement.  Upon deliverance when the boy was 18 years old, he became sweet, loving and kind again.  One man who was molested as a 6 year old by another boy his age, tormented his wife and kids until getting successfully delivered in his 50’s and then had peace for the very first time as he no longer hear the enemy’s negative chatter in his mind..

One girl who was molested at age 8 by her brothers’ friend, hated all boys yet married a man and tormented her husband for the next 10 years until he could no longer take the constant verbal and physical abuse and divorced her.  Then upon deliverance she felt like a hundred pounds had lifted and her entire countenance had changed. Another girl who was touched sexually by her aunt, hated all men and caused her first husband constant abuse which led to a divorce after 5 years, then she remarried and her second husband divorced her after 2 years, then her 3rd husband left her after 14 months.  Finally, her 4th husband left her and she could not bear to see yet another good husband reject her so decided to divorce him and keep her secret pain intact.  Finally she went through a deliverance and was set free.

One mother had molested her own daughter and when going through a deliverance session was questioned what gave Jezebel a legal right.  The spirit stated that 1,000 years prior a woman had molested her daughter and it had continued down through her blood line ever since (for 1,000 years).  Upon deliverance the generational curse had finally stopped.

Demons are real and they torment people to try to steal, kill and destroy them from God’s destiny.  Rape, incest and sexual molestation gives the demons legal right to come into a person and torment them for a lifetime.  The only real solution is through deliverance and expelling the demons from a person so that they no longer will hear their tormenting voices in their head.

10 Replies to “What happens to a person when they are sexually molested or assaulted?”

  • I was raped I think I was 7 are 6 yr old and and and demon rape me in my dream can you all help me find a baptist deliverance pastor in hattiesburg mississippi please help me find a pastor that knows how to cast out demons

  • I am struggling to determine if my daughter has been experiencing sexual manipulation and sexual molestation by her father. He has an substance abuse problem. When he gets drunk, he lies in the bed with her nude. When confronted, he attempted to convince me and my daughter that it is “ok” to lie in the bed with her. Only 2 known occurrences. 1 occurrence-found with boxer shirt and socks and 2 occurrence-completed nude.He tried to physically harm me in front of my daughter to prohibit me from calling the police. Daughter informed me that her father never “touched” her, but she stated, “I will do anything to keep you and Daddy together….even if it means him touching me.” I am a victim of sexual molestation. My husband’s sisters experienced sexual molestation. When not drunk and during the day, he appears like the “perfect husband”. Is there any hope? Can God deliver us? Can God deliver my husband?

    • You can not tolerate sexual sin and that is a perverse spirit on your husband. Have him watch my deliverance videos at youtube.com/nelsonschuman67 – he can go to my Videos to Get Delivered Playlist and choose the latest Worldwide Deliverance video

  • I was molested when I was 6 or 7 and after being possessed by a demon, I have found that this was the root cause of Jezebel. Awaiting deliverance.

  • Thank you all for your comments, and for sharing some of your personal experiences, I connected with this article in that I too am a survivor of child sexual assault. I am 54 and feel as though I have forgiven myself for partaking in man on boy sex while I was a child. Child sexual abuse is NEVER o.k.. I was sexually violated by 3 separate men outside my families unit. The first experience was at age 4, maybe 5, the second was from 9 or 10 until I was 18, and the 3rd slipped in there at around 15 years of age. By then I had already passed through the grooming process and was having full on adult gay sex. Nothing was off limits. I learned about sex early on and I practiced what I knew for countless years. By the time I was 19, I did my first line of meth, and I was hooked. With drugs, I continued having sex with what I knew, man on man sex. My early childhood sexual experiences eventually came out, and later in life was I able to forgive my abusers.

    No matter that I ate up the attention, I was a child, and the abusers were the adults.

    Forgiveness is key to moving past that which might hold you back.

    Today, I am happily married to my amazing nurse of a wife who cares for and nurtures me in ways I never thought possible. I still struggle with thoughts, but my deliverance came by way of asking. I asked my Higher Power, a power I call God to forgive, restore and renew my life, and He did just that. It’s a process.



  • Woman can also be raped or molested by OTHER women, men aren’t the only gender that can be sexually assaulted by women, not saying anyone said they are but nowhere in this article it says other women can sexually assault other woman, just because it doesn’t happen often doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen, a lot of the victims just don’t report it or sometimes people don’t make a big deal out of it like they should. Abuse IS Abuse

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