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Prophetic Word for 2019

It is time for My people to stop playing church and start being My pure church. It is time to be pure and spotless and stop living lives of impurity and hurting My people. It is time to expose all darkness in those within the church so that lives will be changed into the real deal and not the fake counterfeit Holy Spirit. It is time to come out of agreement with the enemy and putting on a form of godliness when I see all things and know the impurities of your hearts and minds. I will humble my prideful church and promote those who are humble and pure. I will not allow those who have infiltrated my church to hurt people who are already hurting. I will expose those who are operating in the spirits of Jezebel / Leviathan who are in leadership and humble you before My people. You think you are able to get away with it because you have been operating in it your entire lives…but I see who you really are and I know your thoughts and actions are wicked and all the lies you have told about My good people. It is time to clean up or I will clean you up by showing others who you are behind closed doors. I will no longer tolerate behavior that is opposite of My heart. I will expose the many witches in the church and on Facebook who are being used by Satan under the guise of the Holy Spirit. I will collapse their lairs of evil and those who are covering and protecting them will also be exposed. I will not be mocked. The spouses walking in Jezebel will be exposed for the wicked evil things you have said and done to your spouses and children. I have seen it all and you have abused my grace and I will humble you. You are not in charge anymore…I am.

For those who are already of pure heart and mind….2019 will be a year of great blessings and promotions. Those who have My heart will see an overwhelming increase in their giftings and blessings from Me. Those who have sacrificed greatly will be given an increase in their finances for money does not have you but you will control it to increase the number of souls to come to Me. The wealth transfer from the unrighteous to the righteous for Kingdom purposes will increase at an increasing rate. You are not about titles of pride, but of people’s lives and souls. I can use you greatly because of your humble servant hearts. Keep moving forward my end time soldiers as I will provide your needs and godly desires for I want to bless those who have been hurt by those ungodly prideful leaders in the church. I will reverse the roles as those with names and self-given prideful titles will bow to those without titles but who have my pure heart and anointing. I will bless you because I can trust you. You who have been stepped on by the church elite will soon be positioned to take the reins from those whose hearts have been impure and evil.  There will also be those who have been hurt by your ex-spouses who have operated in Jezebel and lied and abused you that will find your true partner in life, who will love you as Christ loved the church and will be honest and have a pure heart.  

The movement of purification and deliverance will be increased around the world. My son Jesus is coming back for a pure and spotless bride and there are just a few in the remnant who are truly ready. That must change as so many are not in position to go to heaven should they die today. Revivals can only break out where people’s hearts are pure and godly. No pride can be in you as I hate pride as it stinks to heaven. Do you want to align yourself with pride and Satan or with humility and Me? Choose today whom you will serve. I have given you freedom of choice and you are trying to walk both lines which will never end up in heaven’s camp. I know who have My heart and I will expose those who desire to be hidden in sin and take advantage of My people. It is time….2019 will be a year of separating the wheat from the tares. Let the sons of the kingdom come forth and the sons of the evil one be put away.

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