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How to discern if a person ministering in the church is a “white witch”

There are many in the church (and have their own ministries outside of the church) who people would judge to be godly, loving and have much wisdom from the Lord. Unfortunately the enemy comes as an angel of light (2 Corinthians 11:14) and so is very hard to discern when these people know more Bible verses than you do and appear to be godly and wanting to help you. They will slowly suck you into their lair by reaching out to you and acting loving and sweet but then after you have spent a few weeks or months with them they turn on you if you do not do everything they want you to do.

There are many who operate in the church (and on their own Facebook / You Tube ministries) under the guise of a “prophet” or self-appointed “apostle” trying to get people to follow them so they can teach them things that will pull them away from the true Holy Spirit to rely more upon them so they can control them.  They operate in power but it is of Satan and not the Lord. They are very hard to perceive to most in the church because 90% of what they do and say appears to be godly and in line with the Word. But that is exactly what the Enemy does.

Revelation 2:18-23 New King James Version (NKJV)
The Corrupt Church
18 “And to the angel of the church in Thyatira write,

‘These things says the Son of God, who has eyes like a flame of fire, and His feet like fine brass: 19 “I know your works, love, service, faith, and your patience; and as for your works, the last are more than the first. 20 Nevertheless I have a few things against you, because you allow that woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophetess, to teach and seduce My servants to commit sexual immorality and eat things sacrificed to idols. 21 And I gave her time to repent of her sexual immorality, and she did not repent. 22 Indeed I will cast her into a sickbed, and those who commit adultery with her into great tribulation, unless they repent of their deeds. 23 I will kill her children with death, and all the churches shall know that I am He who searches the minds and hearts. And I will give to each one of you according to your works.”

Those who operate in the strongest levels of the spirit of Jezebel would be known as a “white witch.” They are in the churches and have their own ministries that look godly and try to operate under the radar of their inherent evil so that they can ultimately shut down the true Holy Spirit. They try to hurt good ministries by lying about good people and spreading rumors as well as cursing people trying to cause unsuspecting people sickness and pain and ultimately producing some premature deaths.  Much of what they talk about or post is under the guise of spiritual warfare against the enemy while is actually targeting godly people who oppose them because of their witchcraft operation.  Therefore they spew forth anger, vitriol and violence totally void of Christ’s love and healthy conviction. 

So what are the signs of those who operate as a true “white witch”? What should you look for to identify them. It will not be easy because 90% of what you see from the outside at first glance will appear pure as the wind driven snow. But as you spend more time around them and truly pay attention to their behavior, private conversations, lies, control, manipulation and pride….you will see it. Below are some of the characteristics to look for:

– When you first encounter them they will “love bomb” you and try to become your best friend to draw you into them.  They will act extremely loving and nice to you to gain your trust

– They act very religious and superior in spirituality and knowledge like they are the only ones who hear unique revelation from God so you cannot question them and think they are above you in spiritual wisdom
– They have often suffered abuse as a child (sometimes a parent could have operated in Satanic activities or ritually abused them)
– They crave attention, adulation and praise as it feeds their pride and treat people badly who they have no value for (waitresses, etc)
– Will manipulate people in person and on social media to gain the favor of men and women and not wait for the Holy Spirit to connect and promote them in His timing
– Exhibit false humility but are really very prideful, arrogant and evil
– Behaviors include selfishness / constant self promotion / false compassion
– Take advantage of people who have mercy hearts and want to believe the best of everyone and they frequently want to receive money / donations, favors and gifts.  They know how to act to get you to open up the goodness of your heart

– They prey upon people who have been deeply hurt and are looking for a true friend to help them by making others feel sorry for them
– Their own ministry is more about themselves than it is others lives and helping lost souls.

– They want to turn people into witches like them
– Few people feel better after having ministry with them and they usually feel worse
– People who do ministry with them can often get attacked by demonic spirits when they try to sleep. Will often times warn their followers that if the enemy attacks to contact them and they will pray it to stop. What they actually do is curse the person and when the person contacts them they stop cursing them and the person feels better drawing the person to rely on them.
– They have very strange behaviors and you can usually sense (have a check in your spirit) that they are not normal or pure
– When they laugh it often sounds like a witch-like cackle
– Pray in tongues that sound very strange / demonic
– Prophetic words rarely come to pass and words of knowledge are often not correct
– They do not like to be questioned or corrected by anyone as they believe they are superior to anyone else
– They know the Bible very well but twist scriptures to suit their purpose to control people just like Satan did to Jesus
– Your stomach will feel queasy or nauseous when you are around them or come under their teaching
– They talk about having special powers (ability to translate around the world at will, super human strength, etc) they possess which are demonic but they call it “Holy Spirit”
– If you don’t do what they say then they will declare curses and spells over you causing nausea, tiredness, headaches, back pain, pin pricks, pains in the body and some could be deadly (strokes, etc)
– Often talk about very dark and cryptic topics / slaying dragons / dark lords / laced with anger, vitriol and violence
– Very controlling, manipulative and must be in charge of everything
– Talk about traveling to other people’s homes and listening to their conversations (Astral Projection)
– Talk about traveling into peoples souls so they can tell you what you need to do to have a “better” life
– Will lie to people saying they were on staff at various churches in their past as a prophet of the house, etc – when they never were as most people never do background checks on them and believe they are telling them the truth
– Once they are uncovered for operating in witchcraft they will be kicked out of churches and then start up their own teachings on Facebook / You Tube or hold meetings in their homes to unsuspecting hurting people
– Will join hundreds of Facebook groups and share their own FB LIVE videos with the groups in order to make themselves appear more popular in the eyes of people by getting more people to view their videos.  Will also want to become moderators or administrators of those groups so they can control others’ posts and share their own posts without Facebook blocking them for spam
– Often will interview men on Facebook more than women and will target people of influence / prophetic ministries to make themselves appear important and in authority as they use them as pawns
– Their eyes will often turn darker or black when they minister to people as that is a sign of demonic manifestation in them
– Perform strange demonic praise dancing to draw attention to themselves
– Lie about their own personal testimonies to make people feel sorry for them and embellish details dramatically claiming they were abused horribly by their loved ones when they were the ones who abused their spouse and children horribly
– Have very few friends as most leave them after a few months due to their control, harshness, manipulation and darkness as they love power and authority over people (which is why they choose to listen to Satan and demons)
– Teach things that seem “out there” and strange to make people think they are hearing things only God tells them
– Talk about traveling to heaven at will and meeting with God or people who have died in the past for special insight
– Poor to no relationships with their children (and may have court orders to not see their own children due to psychotic / demonic episodes) yet want to tell you how to parent your children and want to be around your kids especially in private
– Often would be diagnosed a Narcissist Personality Disorder as they are very prideful – self appoint themselves as a “prophetess” or “apostle”
– Drama queen when around other people and if they do ministry at a church they often are not invited back due to their “Prima Donna” status
– Often obsessed about pregnancies / birthing / impaling / killing / death / evil
– Usually get very upset if you touch them without their approval but will want to put their hands on you to pray over you often
– When they pray over you in public they are overly dramatic in their prayers and can push your head or chest backwards to try to make you get “slain in the spirit”
– Will try to attack anointed godly ministry leaders in order to hurt or shut down good ministries by lying about them to turn people away from them (Jezebel tells them to do this)
– Will try to have well respected ministry leaders to cover them spiritually to make them “look good and acceptable” to their public and try to “get in good” with other leaders but it cannot sustain very long as the truth comes out over time
– Cannot maintain healthy personal relationships but just a few weeks due to intense desire to control, manipulate and lie as the demons manifest through them to hurt those they are targeting
– Teach things that people have a hard time challenging because they act like they know everything and what they talk about is hard to refute (God told me this….)
– Has a temper if you don’t do what they tell you and will secretly curse you with vexes and spells to cause nausea, headaches, lethargy and worse
– Talk a lot about witches and warlocks and witchcraft so you won’t think they could possibly be a witch or warlock yet will never tell you how to actually discern those who are witches or warlocks because it would expose themselves
– If married their husbands are very weak and “yes” men to everything they tell them to do (they marry Ahabs who give into them in whatever they want so they can avoid an argument) – often are unmarried because the strong Jezebel spirit in them causes them to drive away spouses who don’t want to be controlled, manipulated and operate in wickedness and they will never submit to a godly man
– Would be diagnosed with a strong Narcissistic Personality Disorder and sometimes Multiple Personality Disorder
– If they have an enemy that is exposing them then they will curse and vex them to try to cause sickness and pain and death.   They will lie about them to people to try to shut them down and if you still follow them on Facebook then they will put pressure on you to block them as they want you to hate them and have nothing to do with their enemies as they could be uncovered if you continue to follow them
– Will monitor you or have others in their circle monitor you via Facebook or other social media
– Fake the fruits of the spirit
– Use flattery to pull you in
– At times behave very chaotic, confusing, cannot focus, frustrated, distracted and blame it on witchcraft of others to them
– Will show up to calls and meetings whenever they want not concerned about the value of your time as they indicate “they do not have to adhere to the same timeframe as man as they hear from the Lord on His timing.”
– When they feel they are losing control of you, they will try to cause you to fear them and if you do not listen to them, they will try to turn others against you and curse you with sickness and pain

So the next time you are drawn to follow someone who operates in these characteristics ask the Lord / Holy Spirit to show you the truth and confirm it to you in a way that you will know that you know. You may have several checks in your spirit and “red flags” so do not quickly dismiss what you are discerning. It is time to discern at the highest level so as not to be fooled. Look at their fruit over time and talk to many people who have followed them to see if they also have had negative consequences with them.

Matthew 24:24 New King James Version (NKJV)
24 For false christs and false prophets will rise and show great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect.

So what do you do if you know someone who is a “white witch?” If you truly know your authority in Christ and are very strong in the Lord – you can address it with them to try to get them delivered but they have to want it.  If they take an offense at you then be ready for them to start cursing you with sickness, pain and sleepless nights.   Often times the only people who can truly address it with them are those who are their spiritual covering but those people will often be blinded to see the truth in them because their spiritual daughter will act so nice and sweet to them that they would never suspect it or believe others who try to share the truth about them.  So usually the best thing to do is stay as far away from them as you can and pray that the heavenly hosts help the person to see the truth and to be humbled to bring themselves to the end of their lies.  They need to repent to the Lord, apologize to all those they have cursed & hurt and forgive those who have hurt them.

Ultimately this is a huge problem within the church as so many high level “white witches” are assigned to bring churches and ministries down.  God is in the process of getting people delivered from Jezebel / Leviathan / Ahab and Legion and as more leaders are completely freed from those spirits the greater the ability is for them to discern those in their churches (and in ministries outside the church) who are operating as a high level witch and then to address it with them.  God is coming back for a pure and spotless bride and it is time to get ready.

If you feel like a “white witch” has been cursing you then take your authority in Christ and you can declare these prayers below to break the curses off of you:

Father, I condemn the words released from any and every witchcraft prayer aimed at me or my family. In the name of Jesus, I break every incantation, spell, hex, and curse coming against me or my family member or my ministry. I ask You to cancel every word curse, witchcraft spell or incantation, every hateful thought, even careless curse words spoken in anger. I ask You to put all these under the Blood of Jesus and destroy the power behind them so they become null and void. I forgive and release those who have sinned against me. Bless them, Father, by teaching them how to know You and be loved by You. May every sin of every ritual performed by those who know me, or who operate in this geographic area, come under Your redeeming blood to break its power, in Jesus’ name. I renounce and reject, sever and cut, all personal and ancestral ties to witchcraft, Satanism, the Illiuminati, Freemasons, Eastern Star, Scottish Rite and to Lucifer himself. I now bind every demon released and every demonic device send through those negative words, curses, spells, and rituals and command them to go to the feet of Jesus Christ. I bind all spirits of retaliation, retribution, revenge, torment, harassment, backlash, or punishment. I forbid them from operating against me or my family or anything that concerns us. I now destroy every strategy of the enemy to come against my family, myself, or my ministry, in the mighty name of Jesus. Father, I ask that You release Your blessing and protection over every area of my life, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

12 Replies to “How to discern if a person ministering in the church is a “white witch””

  • I currently know of several in my church whom o believe have been casting spells and cursing me and my ministry. One in particular you describe here to a t. She refuses to come under authority but claims to love the pastors. I am positive she is casting spells on me to make me sick . I prayed the prayer. How do I get far from her when she attend my church? She is not in a place of ministry approved by leadership but is heavily involved online. Nothing has spoke so true to me as thos post. … thanks for putting this out

    • Thanks for sharing. We need to take back our churches from these witches – enough is enough. The pastors need to stand up and address it and either get her delivered or get her out of the church. Revelation 2:18-23 is clear as we cannot tolerate people who operate in Jezebel. Pray that the Lord exposes her to the leaders of the church and that they take action.

  • very interesting, thank you for being bold enough to share this.. many of the signs of this seem a bit subjective, its very subtle. we went through a process of a “Jezebel ” spirit being repelled at our church, it involved people who were in leadership for years, the Senior Pastor and I began praying against the spirit of Jezebel, Aahab, and Leviathan, with in a few weeks, there was a group who began to accuse the pastors wife of being “verbally abusive” towards them,… these people LOVED to carry on and on and on about their illnesses they had, over the past 40 yrs, and clearly enjoyed telling the horrible stories of disease, and brutal surgeries, etc.

    So i am concerned now that this spirit has spoken against me personally and my business, as well as our little church, there is so much more that is too much to put in comments.. . So we are fasting and praying against these curses, hex, vex, and incantations spoken against us and me. the depression and anxiety has been really intense.

    • Thank you for sharing. It is not easy to battle against the demonic spirits of Jezebel / Leviathan and witches but we cannot tolerate them in the church (Revelation 2:18-23) and must stand strong for the Lord and not compromise. The Lord will have your back even though it can wear you out.

  • I’ve been battling Jezebel & Ahab for a while, unfortunately they’ve been in my family for a while (still praying that it’s the end of their stint). Jezebel is nasty and gets nastier once exposed, especially toward the person doing the exposing; I know this experientially, nearly killed me, and Leviathan is formidable. May I suggest, strongly suggest please, not trying to “go it alone.” Go against them in untidy with other Believer in Jesus/Y’eshua and strong warriors. First, at some point Jezebel/Leviathan been given the “legal right to be there,” so I would suggest taking this up to the Courtrooms of Heaven, to get it “witness, judged and ruled” upon by the Just Judge, Our Heavenly Father. (Courtroom of Heaven is a whole other topic, you should do some research on it first to fully or at least adequately understand.) But don’t go to the courtrooms alone, find other believers who will do this with you. There is amplified power in unity! (Fast for a bit first, not sure how or why but seems to help amplify results, Jesus knew it was sometimes necessary). Then as angels are sent out to carry out the verdict and as you now have the “legal right” to evict them. So not only take up the full armor of God and covered in the blood of Jesus, but also people with you too! Not just any one but other spiritually strong people. You wouldn’t go into an earthly war/battle or take in a nasty, formidable enemy on alone. No! You would take people with you, highly skilled and trained people, hopefully some “enemy snipers” to hit their “mark.” God made us to be unified. Earth is a shadow of Heaven so we can see on earth some principles about how the heavenly or spiritual realm works. If you wouldn’t go to war with a huge enemy alone in the physical realm then don’t do it spiritually either! Plus it feels wonderful to be in on corporate agreement to evict the enemy! Hallelujah Thank you Jesus/Y’eshua!

    • My husband is Narcassist has Jezebel n leviathan with me I’ve been his ahab at times or have fought a lot with him

      He is an ahab to his sisters

      I’ve been married 13 year been sick 29 times got victory over 23 things still fighting concussion, back n arm pain n lymph issues. Weight has gone up 60 pounds with stress n have hormone issue menopause

      He prayed prayers n is still not delivered, the host shows up n is agree
      today he wants to leave, he doesn’t want me to speak, he also has bipolar which I give him a mineral since he doesn’t want drug

      I don’t know how to pray anymore, I’m drained daily.

  • Oh thank you for this! I am sure I went thru this now but still hard to believe. I should have known. I was going thru a very hard time & went into a church, stood in back & a woman cones up & acts very concerned & gives number & says let me help you. I know all about what u are going thru. She did love bomb me, tell me everything I wanted to hear, Would take control, gave money saying it’s Gods money take it when I would say I can’t, would always take my side knowing I came from a family that always ganged up & treated me badly, was always against me, trying to sabotage me. I thanked God for a friend thinking H sent her. She seemed to good to be true & was. I started noticing things & she always talked about witches, illuminati, conspiracies, knew everything had me watch stuff. My marriage started falling apart, still is. She always said I won’t let you guys split up thru this hard time no matter what, she would control & take over situations. Then after my husband ran off she changed towards me, was distant, said she helps families & won’t again when I had told her my Husband eluded to them having affair, which I never would have guessed since she acted so perfect, was so against adultery, & said she wouldn’t be with another man since her & her husband were divorced she remains single unless he comes back. She said she tried after she left and got into sin lifestyle but he wouldnt take her back. I realized she wanted what I had & destroyed my family, destroyed me along with help of family. Called my church who listened to her sowing discord saying that I was accusing her and husband of having affair when I hadn’t even told my church that or anyone. Said I was using her for money, and that I was a witch! When I would try to get a hold of husband she would call suddenly though they still deny anything. They even got someone to watch my home. I then moved & stopped speaking to her & she said then left a msg saying I love you and your children. I didn’t respond as husband was just using her to keep an eye on me. When I still was unaware at first she would tell me to do counter productive things & knew I was standing for my marriage. Things like telling me to post the abuse pics, hateful msgs on Facebook, sell husband’s things, etc…Then when I confronted her she was trying to get me to commit suicide. She knew I was distraught & thinking it & said she looked it up & nowhere does it say you will go to hell & she prayed to that God will take me & my kids and doesn’t want to be here either. My H said once that she was our angel when he used to call me that. My H told me once he and “a friend at work” had a suicide pact after he left. I believe it was her. I don’t know what’s satan, what’s narcissistic because my H had issues himself before her, but this seemed to be the end all. Now I have nobody & that’s fine. Leaning on God now totally & at least I know. We must stick together & do something so they can’t destroy more lives. It’s awful!

    • So sorry to hear all that you have gone through. Yes people who are narcissistic white witches are pure evil for sure and we all need to get the word out so people do not follow them and have more get hurt.

  • I was baptized 111118 and finding this and realizing I recognize more jazz a bell and all the other demons within me and I’m wondering who I am. I sure am grateful for you. My whole family my children at least are so full of these spirits I am going to continually pray to break this cycle I recognize it as far back as I
    can remember. Again thank you so much is a great time to be alive and to know that we have been chosen to be here at the in times. I pray God uses me once I get rid of these demons and bad spirits.

  • I’ve been through it. A married couple in one church were “best friends” with the pastor, though he concealed that for a while. They were having home Bible study groups in my home. They constantly did “spiritual warfare” with demons, always after them, always showing up in their house. It was exactly like described in the article. I started sensing a jealous spirit with the woman, toward me, then I started catching her in lies. A lot of lies. Her husband then basically stalked me around the church during greeting time, eavesdropping on every word I said. Deeply paranoid. Long story short, I finally took it to the pastor, who didn’t deny there were lies being told, but ultimately he scapegoated me for talking about it to others in the church, and threw me under the bus, and he and his best friends, the lying prophets, labeled ME as the Jezebel spirit…and went on to “warn” other pastors about me. The lying prophets have started something sort of like a church, but with no accountability team, as they claim they “know what the Lord has told them” and they don’t need a team. They continue doing what they do. I was indeed attacked in the spirit realm while all that was going on. The pastor of that church has since left ministry and moved out of my state. (An answer to my prayers). But, they have spread some awful things around about me in my home town and I still get the dirty looks and noses up in the air by people who were not involved but heard whatever negative report about me, so they treat me accordingly. And they spread this among other churches. I no longer attend church here in my small town because gossip spreads like wildfire in small towns, yet I was the one labeled as a gossip. Damage has already been done. But I hold on to hope. Someday these people will destroy themselves. Unfortunately they’ll take a lot of other people down with them. It’s important to have spiritual discernment. I don’t know if there will be any excuse for those who chose to be blind and continue to follow the “pied pipers”. But I have prayed for their eyes to be opened. Some folks saw the light and walked away…but there will always be those who WILL not see. Notice, the will is involved in this. Good article.

  • I looked up white witches in church and came across you. I need help. I’ve had a hard life, to say the least. I was very much brought up in church every time the door was open but from a very young age the enemy harassed me to no end with severe religious spirits where I never could measure up, thinking it was God telling me those things. I got saved around 11 and felt much peace but when it left me, I doubted it was real and the attacks came back. I would lay awake at night in absolute terror that I would wake up in hell or be left behind in the rapture. All this caused me to turn to alcohol in my young teens to relieve me of the terror. I got married at 16, had my son at 17, and had post partum so badly, that I was consumed with the thought that I had committed the unpardonable sin. I ran from God all those years and used alcohol, men and anything else to keep from being attacked with the invading thoughts. Then, I moved to Nashville to pursue my music. I found a loving church who preached and taught Gods love, grace and mercy and God showed up in my life in a powerful way and I completely turned my life around and except for a a time of short backsliding a couple of times I have served Him with all my hear ever since. I came back to my small home town, remarried the husband and son I had left in my early twenties and have literally went through church hell. So much so, that I hardly go to this day! The Jezebel spirit is awful here with several pastors in adultery and women in competition and jealousy of one another that for the first time in 25 years I feel so stuck but it’s much worse than that. I had a friend I had for many years, even bf I came back to God, who wound up hating me and betraying me in a very hurtful way. She had worked with a Wiccan and started taking up for her and talking about there being nothing wrong with white witchcraft. When I disagreed, she turned on me and I think she and possibly some other family members have been doing witchcraft on me. I even suspect she has friends doing it on me as well. I say this bc I have demonic dreams from the pits of hell where the devil wreaks havoc on me, violating me sexually and making me think I’m in on it with him. I wake up in agony. I’ve always thought I was very good at spiritual warfare as I sent many demons packing over the years, but lately I’ve felt powerless. I’ve been deeply depressed, frustrated, unsaved and I’m complete despair. I’m just trying to literally survive a day as I feel the taunts and mocking of the enemy every single day. My joy is mostly gone. I can barely pray. I tell my husband and he prays but isn’t baptized in the Holy Spirit. It helps some but not a lot. I’ve seen so much corruption in church in this area I feel there’s no one around me to help. It’s like all of hell has been assigned to destroy me. I’ve even had several supernatural attacks. Will you please pray and/ or do you know someone who maybe could call me and pray for me to overcome this. I feel so much despair that it feels like im just going to die soon. It makes me feel such guilt and condemnation bc I don’t get to minister on any level anymore except for the little bit on my Facebook page but although I use to feel so anointed to do so, even that feels like it’s left me. Thanks for reading. I’ll look forward to hearing from you.

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