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In 2020 I have done many inner healing and deliverance sessions with people who were involved in traumatic births of the person as a child.  Traumas such as car accidents on the way to delivery, unexpected Caesarian sections, challenging births that caused fear in the mother, premature births, etc.  In all cases the child has grown up struggling with fear and anxiety and if the child did not have close physical touch with their mothers then they struggled with feelings of rejection and abandonment throughout their lives as an adult causing them to have challenges in their relationships with their spouse and other people.

When a child is born under duress the enemy gains legal access to torment the child with fearful thoughts usually for the rest of their life.   Many of them experience up to 50-60,000 thoughts a day of which 80% of the thoughts are negative and 95% are repetitive of the day before according to the National Science Foundation study of 2005.  All of the children who are born prematurely without close connections to their mothers have experienced strong rejection and abandonment issues later in life as the demonic spirits whisper in their minds constantly and cause the person to self-sabotage their lives and relationships as they are not able to feel at peace being alone and feel like they have to be in a relationship as they are co-dependent on others for their self-worth.  They often smother their spouse or other relationships and feel a strong sense of abandonment when someone separates from them for peace and just normal alone time.

When the mother is in fear during her childbirth then the enemy has legal rights to transfer from the mother into their baby usually through the umbilical cord and then that child will hear the voice of the enemy when growing up causing them to live in fear.  Children who are born prematurely and are not given access to be touched, loved on and fed by their mothers will struggle with fear, rejection and abandonment.  They will get triggered often whenever their spouse does not conform to their demands.  So they often struggle with much strife in their marriage and other relationships. They often experience strife in relationships and go through broken marriages and divorce as the enemy speaks loudly in their minds.


So what is the solution?  People need to have their soul wounds healed by Jesus and then they can command the demons that attached to their souls (mind, will and emotions) to be gone so they will no longer hear thoughts that give them the fear. It is amazing to then see how many feel such a peace and joy and feel much lighter.  Many also who had been struggling with sickness and disease also receive healing.  So command any demonic spirits to separate from your soul and then just ask Jesus to give you insight as to what happened when you were born and He will either give you a word about or a vision if any traumas happened during your birth.  Then command every demonic spirit that attached to your wounds to go to the pit in Jesus name.

When we take away the legal rights of the demons to torment our minds with thoughts we have much more peace and can hear the Lord and Holy Spirit speak to us so that we can truly operate in the fruit of the Spirit instead of the flesh.  Fear, anxiety, rejection and abandonment are simply wounds that the demons attached to which give us thoughts to torment us.   Satan wants to hurt us as soon as we are conceived.  When a baby begins to form and the mother or father either loves it or hates it then the baby will be affected.  Life and death is in the power of the tongue.

Proverbs 18:21 NKJV

21 Death and life are in the power of the tongue,
And those who love it will eat its fruit.

So it is critical that we speak love and positive words over our babies in the womb.  Our babies will be affected by the words that we speak out loud and actions taken.  If trauma happened to us, then we can reverse the curses of fear and rejection and other negative feelings by breaking them off with our words in Jesus name.   By forgiving those who hurt us and giving them to the Lord. By humbling ourselves from our pride. Many of us do not feel loved because we have only heard the voices of the enemy since we can remember.  That is why when people get their soul wounds healed and command the demons that attached to those wounds to be gone then they have peace in their mind for the first time.  It is a beautiful thing.  Take back what the enemy stole from you today.

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