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Breakthrough in Fort Atkinson, IA

Date(s) - Saturday, July 31 2021
07:00 PM CDT - 09:00 PM CDT

In One Accord


Have you been hurt by people when you grew up and in your past & current relationships? When people are able to truly forgive those who have hurt them and own their own issues then miracles happen! When we get emotionally healed by Jesus we are able to have healthy relationships with others and enjoy strife-free marriages and live in peace and joy. Many have also experienced healings in their bodies from physical pains.

Freewill donation taken / books available for purchase.

Nelson Schuman
President of Restored To Freedom

For more information, please contact Monica Michels Wurzer at:
(563) 380-2253
In One Accord
2399 123rd Street
Fort Atkinson, IA

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