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When a young girl does not receive the unconditional love and attention of her father, she starts to hear the enemy’s voice tell her that she is not loved and cannot trust her father.  As her earthly father continues to treat her harshly and more condemning, then the enemy tells her she cannot trust him, nor anyone else.  As she grows older, she is desperate for attention from another boy and often times marries as soon as she graduates from high school or soon after.

Unfortunately, the enemy continues to tell her that she cannot trust the young man because, after all, he is a man.  So she begins to take out all of her pain on the young man.  She becomes controlling and manipulative and selfish.  If she gets married, this sets up a potential disaster that drives her husband away from her.  What voice was she hearing all along in her head?  It was the Jezebel and Leviathan spirits.

Thus in order for her to be healed, she must first command those spirits to be gone from her, and then she can start having her old mindsets to heal.

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