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The Impact a father has on a child is life altering

When a child grows up without a father or with a father who is not involved in their life or is harsh and critical to a child, the ramifications of what occurs can be devastating for a lifetime.  I have ministered to thousands of people around the world and have seen the fallout from what happens when children received wounds in their hearts from a father that never unconditionally loved and cherished their children.


It is important to think about what occurs inside the mind of a child when feeling rejected by their father.  The enemy begins to whisper to the young child in their minds telling them that they cannot be protected by their father. That they cannot trust their father.  So they must begin to protect themselves.

This causes the child to turn inward and believe a lie that all people are like their fathers and they cannot trust anyone.  They begin to live a life based in fear.  They must control their circumstances around them.  They begin to manipulate others in order to get what they want.  They often have an unhealthy sexual selfishness that develops where they either want to have sex in a demanding and self serving way or to manipulate their spouse by not giving them sex without getting something in return.

The enemy speaks to them more and more driving them to do things that are not pure and righteous.  They often want to control more people beyond their immediate spouse.  They want to be put into leadership positions within the church.  The enemy continues to speak to them while they also can often times hear the Lord whisper to them.  Many can prophesy over people accurately and even speak in tongues.  But the enemy continues to drive them out of fear.

Ultimately when the person becomes older they have an insatiable drive to control everyone in their life.  People pull away because they can feel the unhealthy control that they are trying to exert over them.  They have a list of broken relationships in their lives and never take responsibility for it, as they blame others instead of taking responsibility.

Those that realize they have a problem often go to counselors and pastors to get help but they have no clue that they are dealing with a spiritual problem.  The problem is that the person is dealing with a demonic spirit. Usually several.  What I have seen is that the spirit of Jezebel and Leviathan is at hand.

To break free one must recognize that they have an outside demonic influence at work that has a right to them because they have partnered with it unaware. Then once they have admitted to it, they must take their authority can command the spirits to go.  Freedom is recognizing and admitting the truth of how the person has been behaving in secret and then taking one’s authority in the spirit to command the demonic spirits out of them forever.  True peace then ensues as the person then begins to heal from their tormented mindsets.

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