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The Jezebel spirit causes people to wear a mask of deception

Over the past two years I have worked with thousands of people around the world to gain freedom from operating in the Jezebel spirit.  I have seen about 85-90% who have been able to break free from that spirit within a one hour session.  The Jezebel spirit causes people to behave very controlling, manipulatively, prideful and very deceptively with the intent of shutting down true deliverance and causing those who desire to do the Lord’s work to feel completely desolate.  They especially want to silence the prophetic voice.

The Jezebel spirit causes people to appear to be very charismatic, loving and altruistic, while behind closed doors they twist the truth, are dominating and constantly in strife as they desire no peace for all those that get in their way.  So they are like Academy award winning actors, portraying themselves to be the sweetest person in the world to their unsuspecting victims, while those married to them are being tortured with a constant negative barrage of comments and feeling like a puppet controlled by their selfish desires.

So the general public that do not truly know the person, believe that they are giving, helpful, and desiring things of the Lord.  They are very adept at appearing to be like Mother Theresa, while behind the scenes are scheming to control others and shut down those in the church who are truly desiring to help people to heal.  It is very challenging to discern who the real person is at surface value.  One must be around them over time in order to see who they are when no one  is looking.

In order to get a person freed from the Jezebel spirit, they must be honest.  Jezebel is a professional grade liar at the core.  As long as the person continues to deny their behavior behind close doors, there is nothing anyone  can do to help them.  I have seen where many have gone to counselors and pastors their entire lives, yet blame their spouse or other relationships for being the issue, instead of being honest with their own abhorrent behavior.

When a counselor takes their word at face value (and who wants to think that the person is lying to us), then that person will get to keep their Jezebel spirit, while losing their relationships with their spouse and others.  Thus the only way a person can be truly set free from Jezebel is to be totally honest. Then the Holy Spirit can convict them gently that it is time to be pure and righteous before the Lord and then they can take their authority and command the spirit to be forever gone.

The majority of the people that come to me have finally come to the end of their deceit and poor behavior, and are honest and thus get freedom instantly as the spirit leaves them when I guide them through a powerful prayer of deliverance.  Are you ready to be honest in front of the Lord?  If so we can help you get free today.   If you are not ready, you can keep your lies and wear your mask, but you will not feel the true freedom in Christ.  I would recommend honesty which leads to true freedom.


4 Replies to “The Jezebel spirit causes people to wear a mask of deception”

  • I am married for 35 years to a woman with this spirit. I tried everything from taking the blame (usually works for a while-about 2 days) in order to have peace. At some dead points convinced her to go with me for councelling and I was forced to stop and had to take the rap as “she does not need it” I was “the problem”. I had to promise that I won’t “drag” her to anyone ever again, I should just “learn” to love her and fulfill her needs which she explains as being there for her and spend time with her and comfort her etc. but when attempting to do that, she fights me off, belittle me, swear at me, accuses me of the most ridiculous things which are all lies and then walk away or manupilate me with leaving me or commit suicide etc. She fits perfectly into the picture of a Borderline and I am the Mr Niceguy. Always giving, apologizing, forgiving, starting over, making promises etc. She never admits anything and never compliments me. Never supports me and always reject me for the most miniscule little reason. I am a born again christian and she claims to be one too. We have no friends and everything I do besides my work eg play music or sports, is a threat to her. I never say anything that gets an OK from her as I am always wrong. Her sarcasm is sometimes so ugly and her ways of describing her feelings are usually filthy and sick. It all happens behind closed doors and not even her sisters and brother believe any of it. My two sons are adults, one had a failed marriage with a narciccist woman for 18 months and the other is married to a normal loving wife. Not even she knows who is behind the mask, but my sons do well. I am at witts end now and needs to convince her about this Jezebel spirit which will be countered with the wrath of hell as I did about 15 years ago insinuated that she needs deliverance. I still hear the accusations about trying to exorcist her from the devil and telling her that she is his child which I never did. Please advise me on how to get her healed. I pray feverently everyday and my health, practice and emotions are taking a toll now. God bless.

    • It would appear she has a very strong Jezebel spirit. The best course of action is for you to separate from her so that you can at least have immediate peace. Then you can address her to get help from a person who knows about the spirit of Jezebel. My ministry does this every day. Ultimately it is up to the person who has Jezebel to look in the mirror at themselves to admit the truth but if they won’t then there is nothing you can do to make them. My book Restored To Freedom is seeing great results around the world and if she would be willing to read it could be delivered.

  • I have a question does a person with a Jezebel spirit often do witchcraft as well?! I mean cast spells use black magic etc… a person around me claims to be a God fearing Believer that’s very favored and anointed. They claim they pray to God and He gives them basically what they ask for BUT they don’t show the fruits of the spirit not one bit! They torment everyone lie and twist everything making you doubt yourself. Very manipulating I mean it’s diabolical even… I’ve noticed the people she “hates” and she’s said that out of her own mouth that she has hate for people… they’re lives have had bad things happen like not being able to get ahead while she schemes and manipulates and seems to get financial blessings business’s etc I mean huge amounts of money? I don’t get how someone would get blessings while treating people so badly?! And the people that try to serve the Lord with the fruits of the spirit get almost unnatural curse like “luck” for lack of a better term? She’s told me she’ll “take care” of a certain situation and the plan literally fell through?! It’s soooo sickening to think about! She’s very violent too! She puts hands on everyone even my elderly grandmother which is her bio mother. I had one incident this isn’t the only one either but I had to physically defend myself because she was attacking me and I literally was pushing her away from me and I pushed her face and when I touched it it didn’t feel human! It felt cold clammy like a thick almost slimy rubber?! I got soooo grossed out by how it felt and the feeling stayed with me for a while after. She turned the whole story on me and said I attacked her for no reason which could be further from the truth! This was before I even knew anything about narcs or the Jezebel spirit and I kept asking myself what was tht? What was that?! And God revealed to me it was a mask! I was in shock and couldn’t believe it so I started my research and that’s the first thing that came up was the mask of deceit. I’ve also had dreams of her with fairies and a dragon with light bulbs in the dark and two dreams with her wearing my face?! And she was manipulating me in both dreams…. I have a strong feeling it’s literally spells and black magic witchcraft she’s using against people that she hates and are jealous of … me being one of them. Every time her husband goes hangs out with friends or even with his son he ends up getting sick? And he asks her to pray for him and she does?! Because supposedly she has the gift of healing! She says it’s God answering her prayers and trying to tell him to be a better husband to her?! The things that have happened in my life match up with witchcraft it’s to the point where the things that happened and all the misfortune I’ve had is unnatural?! And no matter how hard I try it’s blocked and trust me I try and I’m not the type to give up but it drains all my energy. And she has unnatural amounts of energy I always tell her I wish I had your energy?! She’s very close in relation to me and I know that would be her way in. I never thought ever that this person could be capable of that. I looked up to her and believed soooo much in her! Constantly making excuses and blaming myself! Trying to go through hoops of fire to satisfy her! But it all lines up! It all makes sense! She knows things about people and one time told me I walk around her house like I’m the most absorbent person there?! I had no idea what she was talking about it was creepy… my blood turned cold and my gut jumped when she said that?! She claims that my dead grandmother was inside her and she told her she had to go to the other side?! And she’s obsessed with her animals I mean to the point she threatened my young daughter she would make her sleep outside if anything happened to one of her dogs!? Like I understand loving your animals BUT she can’t be apart from them she has to take them EVERYWHERE she goes! And she freaks out like has a breakdown if one of them isn’t in her sight! She treats her dogs better then she does most people! One of her dogs lost her vision and she claims it’s cause he fell?! No! I think she uses his vision to see into peoples lives?! I know this all sounds crazy but the kingdom of darkness works that way… the counterfeit Gods kingdom… I NEVER believed in anything like this but God has showed me things that are not coincidence and
    I’m the type of person that needs many confirmations in order to know it’s The Lord speaking to me… and it’s a lonely place. I can’t tell anyone cause Ik how crazy it sounds I’m not sure to even post this it’s just hard… and everything is hers? From people to a basic idea? If you have an opinion different from hers your weird or stupid. And all she does is talk so badly about people even their children and turn right around and hug the same people and tell them how much she loves them?! There was recently another incident where it was physical not with just me but other family members chocking them and hitting them! That was it for me! God told me to remove her from my life… so that’s where I’m at right now… there’s so much more but it’d be a novel!

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