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So many wounds from childhood and generational curses cause physical infirmities today

When I first launched my Healing Rooms in October of 2015 at New Life Assembly of God in Noblesville, IN, I suspected that the reason many people did not get healed when receiving prayer was due to past generational curses and other demonic spirits that had a legal right to torment them.  The Holy Spirit told me that the previous Healing Room that I worked at, which would not address any deliverance or breaking off curses, was not seeing as many healed due to not addressing the spiritual components first.

So I let the Holy Spirit direct my sessions with people, and sure enough when it was brought to the person’s attention that they had a Jezebel or Leviathan spirit operating or a generational family curse that came down the blood line, it made all the difference in the world.  We would address it by having the person take their authority in the spirit and had them read the prayers in my book Restored to Freedom.  They could then feel the spirits lift off of them and they immediately felt lighter, like heavy chains were broken off of them.  They also felt tremendously peaceful for the first time in their life.  They also admitted to doing some pretty dark things behind closed doors or in secret that they wanted no part in again.

It is such a joy helping people to gain true freedom from the enemy through deliverance from demonic spirits.  So many that attend church are being affected by enemy spirits and have no clue. Unfortunately their pastors are either oblivious to the fact or in some cases are afflicted by spirits themselves and do not want their people totally set free from the enemy.  It is a sad state of affairs around the world.  But the Lord is doing a new thing, like he always does.  I have had so many around the world that the Holy Spirit has brought to my ministry over the last few years to obtain true freedom, peace and then physical healing (and emotional).

Many pastors will not allow a person to help get their people delivered from enemy spirits because in most cases the enemy is on them and they do not want the people set free.  So the Lord is circumventing the pastors by using Facebook LIVE to go straight to the people that are being tormented and then leading them through strong, powerful and effective prayers to be set free.  Once freed, the person then lives in amazing peace, is honest and much more pure and righteous before the Lord.  Then they can obtain the healing that they have searched for their whole lives.

I have seen people, once freed from Jezebel and Leviathan, who were instantly healed from a lifetime of back and neck pain, insomnia, bad dreams, falling asleep when reading the Word, headaches, blurriness in vision and even Fibromyalgia and cancer.  It is time to get pure and righteous before the Lord.  And then get healed in the process!

6 Replies to “So many wounds from childhood and generational curses cause physical infirmities today”

  • Would you please pray for my family and me. I have been praying for the past couple of months about any general curses to be broken off of our bloodline. My sister, daddy and mama and I went through about 3 decades of my mama being sick. Its very complicated. My sister is very sick, my daddy’s in a nursing home and I have health and fear problems. I feel like we have post traumatic stress, because of what we went through and how long we went though it. Also my son-in-law’s daddy was abusive to him and his sister growing up. I have 2 beautiful grandsons. Before the last grandchild was born, my son-in-law was yelling and spanking(very hard) my first grandson. My sister and I have been praying about this. We have seen some relief, but I still am asking for prayer about this. Thank you.

  • Can you please pray for my teenage son’s skin condition? He has very severe cystic acne covering most of his body for a few years now. We’ve been to the Dermatologist, they wanted to put him on medicine that causes
    psychological problems- so we did NOT do that. We ordered natural supplements to have him go through a detox protocol; that wasn’t enough. He’s been missing out on life completely because it hurts to be outside or exercise, which is causing depression. My outgoing, happy little guy wants to be set free so bad!!! Please help us. He thinks it will always be this way for the rest of his life (he can’t do most things kids his age do).

    • I will agree with you that we command his skin to be healed in Jesus name! All cystic acne dry up and be clear!

  • I would be very grateful to be able to have a personal Ministry session with you as I am in desperate need. I don’t believe I am local to you though. Please respond to my request… Thank you so much!

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