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What are the signs of people who operate in the Jezebel spirit?

Many people who hear about someone operating in the Jezebel spirit conjure up ideas of a seductive woman dressed scantily, trying to lure a man into a sexual tryst.  In reality most people who have the Jezebel spirit operate much more demurely than that, although most all will have a secret sexual side to them that is not healthy, selfish and manipulative.  So just what are the signs if a person is operating in that spirit?

People who operate in the spirit of Jezebel will always have many similar characteristics across the board, whether they are a woman or a man.  The first that you will notice is that they although they are very demanding and controlling, they will always behave out of an inner fear and anxiety level which stems from not growing up in a unconditional loving home with a father (or mother) which gives them a spirit of insecurity and fear.  They must be in control and get there way. They will manipulate you through statements to get you to feel sorry for them or to make you feel indebted to them.  Often times it will appear very obvious to you while they think they are being discreet.

The list of characteristics include:

  • Fear and anxiety
  • Insecure
  • Never at peace
  • Compulsion to control and manipulate others constantly to get their way
  • Outbursts of anger to make sure you are afraid of what they can do
  • Master liars and deceivers (Academy Award winning actors and actresses in a bad way)
  • Very prideful and arrogant (which the Leviathan spirit which partners with Jezebel exhibits).  Feel that others should serve you and give you whatever you want and if they don’t they will become angry until you give in
  • Sexual control through either manipulating you to not receive sex unless you do what they want, or they may want sex all the time but in a perverse way
  • No peace no matter what you do to give in to their demanding ways
  • Will try to shut you down  if you are in ministry
  • Try to gain friendship with people of influence and power, especially in the church and ministries, so they can control other people and ultimately cause confusion and obstruct true freedom in the Lord and deliverance from the enemy
  • Will buy your friendship through gift giving so you will feel obligated to them so they can operate their control over you
  • If you are married to them you will notice that their face will contort into a fierce look if you dare say no to their demands.  That is how the demon of Jezebel manifests is to intimidate you into getting what they want
  • Living a double life as they appear loving, kind and generous to the public and in front of the church, while then behaving very evil behind closed doors out of the eye of those in church or ministries
  • Often times in a church setting, will try to put their hands on you as they know they can control and manipulate you if they touch you in a way that will draw you into them and giving them what they want.  Will often try to pray for you and put their hands on you as they can seduce you subtly that way
  • They are wearing a fake smile all the time, as inside they are always scheming to get their own way at the expense of others
  • If you are not a person of influence or power in your church or ministry or at work, then they will have no time for you as you cannot help them accomplish what they want.  They treat those of insignificance with disdain and will not spend time with them because they of no benefit to them

Every church and ministry has people who operate in Jezebel.  The more anointed the ministry is (especially if the prophetic gifting flows frequently) the more that people with the Jezebel spirit will draw to them.  And if the ministry never addresses people with the Jezebel spirit, then they will continue to operate and cause confusion, stop true deliverance, and ultimately will cause a split in the church or ministry.  Therefore it must be addressed and not tolerated (just like it states in Revelation 2:20-23)

“20 Nevertheless I have a few things against you, because you allow that woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophetess, to teach and seduce My servants to commit sexual immorality and eat things sacrificed to idols. 21 And I gave her time to repent of her sexual immorality, and she did not repent. 22 Indeed I will cast her into a sickbed, and those who commit adultery with her into great tribulation, unless they repent of their deeds. 23 I will kill her children with death, and all the churches shall know that I am He who searches the minds and hearts. And I will give to each one of you according to your works.”

I have seen thousands of people who operate in the Jezebel spirit to be delivered and set free. Then they finally become who they are in Christ, as they can hear the voice of the Holy Spirit clearly instead of being distorted by the enemy.  They also will usually get healed from physical infirmities like back pain (which is usually the Leviathan spirit that causes that), neck pain, and could even have Fibromylagia, cancer and other maladies because once the spirit is gone and has no right to them, then they can be healed.

So it is time to become pure and righteous in the Lord.  No longer operating covertly and secretly in evil.  It is time to admit the truth, humble yourself, and become restored to freedom today.  Then you will experience the fullness of all that the Lord has called you to operate in.

26 Replies to “What are the signs of people who operate in the Jezebel spirit?”

  • These are not spirits but the free will of all those wanting to adopt and behave in these manners which in most cases are narcissistic personalities or the traits of the snake type individuals.

  • I have a niece who has all the traits of Jezebel. Plots others demise, manipulates her mother in the worst way to finance her gambling.

  • I am a grandmother raising her toddler granddaughter….was moving to another state…no words to tell you all that happened to us. My pastor finally got the revelation of the Jezebel spirit operating through one of my children. …it is horrible…specially with the baby…she is now argumentative, functioning alcohol, despises me, wants control of her niece, the child and weird things keep happenig. I am trying to move to get the connection with the baby broken..please pray for us. It is like dealing with lions in the den but they are not keeping their mouths shut…I do not trust anything they say or do…and they speak ill of me to everyone…these are wealthy lovable people who are lost.

  • Yes they can be very lovable …….but can suddenly change especially when behind closed doors…….they can be in church, fooling the leadership who are not always able to discern this deceptive spirit.

    Pastors need educating….more here in UK rather than in USA…….
    We suffer because of ignorance and so this spirit is free to deceive and ruin lives.#educate our pastors!!

  • My husband shows all these signs. What can I do to help him get delivered? I am scared to say it if I don’t agree with something and we have been many times in dire financial situations because I didn’t speak up when I should have. Also many other things and I fear our children can be influenced by it.

    • Have him read my book Restored to Freedom, watch one of my deliverance videos on You Tube or a testimony at youtube.com/nelsonschuman67

  • Thank you so much for this article. It has helped me to properly identify these 2 particular spirits working through an individual. Help us Jesus to correct people in Love and not out of condemnation.

  • I have a wife now married for eight years and she operates under this spirit. The sad thing is that she if full of infidelity, manipulation, slander and yet no one sees her as a problem. We have two lovely daughters on five and the other 3weeks old. I have tried to talk her into changing her behaviour, fasted prayed for her to no avail. I have nabbed her 7 times cheating on me and each time I find out about her infidelity its usually with two or more guys at a go. The most recent was a police officer who threatened to eliminate me to have her. I’m tired of this vicious cycle and gambling with life especially due to venereal diseases more so HIV/AIDS. Would I be wrong in the light of mathew 19:5 – to leave her yet support my kids?

  • My fathers girlfriend has gezebel spirit
    She was Muslim and has been in US for 20 ish years. When she met my father she wss ministering in a church and married. She days her relationship with het husband was abusive emotkomally and I find out she was sleeping around as wel. She started dating my father and a week later my grandmother passed away who was living with my father. After a short time she tells us she had a vision from God that my Grandmother told her she needs to take care of my father. My father falls for this manipulation. She has now been living with my fathrt for 3 years and still married. She wants to take some ministry classes now at a different church. She will most likely lie about her living status. My fsther says he stays with her because she is spiritial. She gets in his face demanding him to buy things for her and hss left and stayed with her son till he gives in.
    Recently I was staying with them and I could see what was happening and confronted my father and it ended up she got so mad and demanded i cannot gi to my fathers house unless she is not there. He is under her spell
    What to do?

    • If she doesn’t want help then she cannot get delivered. She has to humble herself and admit the truth. Then she could read my book Restored to Freedom and get delivered or my latest deliverance video from November https://youtu.be/vxsLgOp0Axc

      Otherwise it is best to stay away.

  • My great grand father was in Freemasonry and Knights of Pythias. People that were legal guardians to my grandmother worshipped Satan and were in Christian Science. I show signs of being sexually abused as a child, but do not have a lot of memory. I am literally being sexually abused by demons. Forgive me for having to explain this. I am not doing anything sexually impure. I have the gift of celibacy and don’t even have an interest in sex. I can not see them, but demons have physically touched me in my private parts daily for the past two years. This started when a demon sexually attacked me in my parents home in 2016 when I was trying to cleanse the home of Freemason false idols. Have you heard of anyone else being attacked like this? The demonic sexual abuse occurs daily at home, at the library, in my car…..day or night. I am a daughter of God, holy, and dearly loved. This is so unjust and evil. Secondly, is incest commonly passed down in Freemasonry and is this why demons are sexually abusing me? Thank you for your help!

  • My ex husband and his family are just like that. I battled with that for four years of my life until I just broke off the marriage earlier this year.
    I somehow feel like I have had born the brunt of it. I am full off resentment and hatred, my christian life has gone cold and I am deeper in sin now.
    It is affecting my mental state, my work and generally everything as in all aspects of who I am.
    I need prayer, please stand with me in prayer for God’s Thor deliverance on my life and my children’s life.

    • That’s how the enemy works – he hurts you through other people so the only way to get set free is to truly forgive your ex-husband and repent for your anger and resentment and hatred and then the Lord forgives you and you are an overcomer. Watch my last Worldwide Deliverance Session and you will be freed and feel so much better. https://youtu.be/U9Wx5NnuoOs

  • I love that you ended this on a positive note. A lot of folks just write off people operating under a Jezebel/Narcissistic spirit. Even if God hands someone over to those spirits and the torment that brings, He always eternally continues to love them, because His is pure love, 100% faithful and never gives up hope that they, like the prodigal son will come to their senses and return home.

    • Yes we have seen thousands of people around the world who have gotten delivered and changed through Restored to Freedom!

  • Thank you for this article. I believe I was married to a “Christian Women” with a Jezebel spirit. Is this possible. She had all the signs of having the Jezebel spirit. While with her I had strange illnesses. She was controlling and full of lust. There were so many other sign, to many to mention. We divorced about 7 months ago once I realized what was happening (we were only married 2years) My question is twofold, Can a seemingly Christian women who prays and worships te Lord have the Jezebel spirit, also not that I’m free from her am I still under her influence, if so what can I do? Thank for this great article.

    • Yes they can. But they really are not a true Christian as their fruit is of the flesh. They need to get delivered to truly be saved.

  • Great article. This new age church today is Jezebel all day long. I know two unbelievers that operate in this spirit. I just seen it yesterday when an ex-employee came in the office. She tries and make me feel bad just because I have a strong personality and I am the manager so of course I have to be firm and on high alert and she is very insecure. She tried manipulating the owner to get her way all the time. I pray I will not become subject to this demon and that Jesus Christ will guard my heart and my mind from this evil. James 4:7 Therefore submit to God, resist the devil, and he will flee from you.”

  • I see the list of characteristics match my behaviors from recent past. My father told me he was very harsh, emotionally abusive and controlling before I was 10; he still seems abusive, manipulative, and controlling. I am in the midst of being restored to freedom and I am considering that this spirit is influencing me. If it is then it is blocking my memories, hindering my ability to think clearly or logically, and collapsing any confidence I had. I feel like i’m an infant or a toddler but without memories of joy. Praying with God to heal me, teach me to love, and allow joy so I may be a blessing to Him, my family, and others.in the future.

    • To be healed from our past soul wounds we ask Jesus to come to speak to us about the past wounds to heal them and then we can forgive those who hurt us and commands the demons that had legal right to speak to us to go to the pit in Jesus name.

      • Thank you, I’m so grateful for your ministry and pray that awareness, freedom and healing can come to all those who are constrained by these spirits. I am just completing a program called Freedom Session where we have identified the ways we’ve been hurt and hurt others, accepted Gods forgiveness, forgiven those who have hurt us, made amends to those we’ve hurt, and broken unholy soul ties. In faith I believe those spirits of lust, covetousness, adultery, porneia and immorality have left. I started this weekend to experience some freedom from the fog in my mind and the perpetual feeling of despair. May the Lord hear my prayers to continue to speak to me about the past wounds and enable me command any spirits still present to go to the pit in Jesus name.

  • Morning I slept with someone and I had dreams of him which when I search the meaning of the dream. It lead to spirit of Jezebel . So how do I remove this spirit in my life

    • I would recommend repenting for sleeping with him, forgive him and others who have hurt you, repenting for pride and then commanding the demons to be gone.

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