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The Jezebel spirit causes people to control others

When a person grows up with father wounds (and you may also have strong mother wounds) the enemy will begin to whisper to them in their thoughts that they cannot trust their father (or mother).  That they must control all of their circumstances and not trust in anyone else (including God) as they will only let them down.  So as they grow older and marry someone, they have a very hard time allowing that person to make their own decisions.  They are compelled to try to make most all the decisions for their family and if they do not get their way they will usually raise their voice and make threatening demands.

Often times they will be able to mask their insatiable desire to control other people through the dating process until their victim says “I do” and then it is too late.  They will act debonair, charismatic and try to be loving, but it is all an act in order to draw you in so they can possess you.  On their honeymoon or within a few days after tying the knot, they will show their ugly side.  They will demand that you give them exactly what they want and if you do not then they will speak in a very demanding and threatening way.  Sometimes you are fortunate and you will see their Jekyll / Hyde behavior before you marry them as they may want you to give them sex before marriage and try to justify it.  If you say no to them they will become outraged to intimidate you.  Thus if you are somehow privy to that behavior prior to marriage then you are able to save yourself from a relationship that would be filled with anger, control, and even violence.  They are very selfish when it comes to sex as they want to gratify their own pleasures and do not truly care about their victims.  This applies to both women or men who operate in the Jezebel spirit.

If a person does marry them, then their victims will feel the control almost immediately and it will only get worse.  They will also be told lies by their Jezebel controlled spouse over and over and over.  They will have to endure their spouses’ arrogance, pride and shifting the blame onto their victims.  You will feel like you are going crazy having conversations with them as they will never take responsibility and will start arguments and strife to pull you in and then after you become exasperated they will blame you for starting it.

The control, manipulation, pride, arrogance, lying and sexual selfishness will only get worse over time.  It can also lead into infidelity as they feel empowered when they can chase other victims into sexual sin.  They act all godly in front of the church but behind closed doors plot ways to dominate others into giving them whatever they want.  They want power, position and adoration from others.

What do you do if you are in relationship with someone who has the Jezebel spirit and will not change?  The best thing to do is to separate from them. Because  if you don’t –  the spirit of Jezebel in them will speak horrible verbal words to you that will take its toll on you emotionally and  physically.  You can receive sicknesses and disease on your body as that spirit literally wants to kill you.  I have seen many women who were married to Jezebel men who developed cancer and died when they were in their 40’s and 50’s.

Once you have separated you will finally feel some sense of peace and can then finally help your spouse to take a look in the mirror at themself.  If they won’t do that (which many will not), then some have mailed my book Restored to Freedom to them and have seen the Holy Spirit draw them to read the book.  Once they start reading the book then the Holy Spirit will gently convict them that they indeed have the Jezebel spirit and if they do not get rid of it that their life will become worse.

If they realize they do have the Jezebel spirit and feel convicted by the Holy Spirit, they will then take ownership of what they did to their victims.  Then it is just a matter of taking their authority to command the spirits to be gone from them.  If they mean it, then the spirit will go and they will feel such a peace and tenderness in their hearts like never before. They will also be able to hear the Holy Spirit and the Lord more clearly then ever before.  They can also be healed from back and neck pain and tightness as well other diseases like Fibromyalgia and cancer.  It is truly a beautiful thing.  But they have to admit they have it and no longer want it.  If they do not admit it and choose to lie to people, then their lives will get worse.

The Lord gives them time to repent as it  says in Revelation Ch 2:21 but if they refuse, then He will put them on a sickbed and kill their children (who are those they teach).  He has literally shut churches down whose senior pastors were operating in the Jezebel spirit.  And some people have died when confronted about it and denying they have it.  It is not to be messed around with. It is time to be set free and come clean and walk in the fullness of who Christ created you to be.  It is time to stop behaving selfishly and start behaving selflessly.  It is time to operate out of a pure and clean heart.

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