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Stop looking for your mate to complete you and start looking to God

There are so many people in the world who have put their own lives in the hands of their mate to complete them and are missing Christ’s mark by a wide margin.  The Lord is calling his men and women to come up to a higher standard of purity, righteousness and walking as a mighty man or woman of valor and to stop lowering their standards to that of their ungodly spouse or future spouse.  God is waking up His people to realize that if you put your faith in a man or woman whose lives are not as they should be, in order to keep you from feeling lonely, then you have already missed the mark.  We should be living a life pleasing to God in all ways, freed from any demons that have a right to torment us, and then we will be healthy to either pick a mate who is also healthy, or if we are already married – to live in obedience to Christ completely.

There are so many single people who are compromising their values, respect and honor, in order to be in relationship with another person.  Unfortunately these “other persons” many times are not living a life of purity, righteousness or walking as a mighty man or woman of valor.  They simply want to have a relationship out of loneliness.  More and more so-called Christians who have already been married and divorced, believe it is just fine to have a sexual relationship outside of marriage.  Those who are true Christ followers would never do such a thing as they would not be blessed as it will bring a curse upon their relationship as it is against the will of God and His commandments.  It is time to raise our standards to Christ’s standards in all ways in order to be healthy and choose a partner who is also healthy.

So many single people are walking around wounded from a broken relationship or many failed relationships.  And many of these people either have the Jezebel or Ahab spirits and do not even recognize it.  The Jezebel spirit comes on a person as they grow up without a close relationship with their father (or they could have had a very volatile mother relationship). The more pain that one receives from their father, the stronger that spirit of Jezebel will be on a person, whispering to them to control, manipulate and use sex to serve themselves or control others, as well as to lie about others.  Ultimately it wants to shut down the voice of the prophet and stop all deliverance within churches and ministries.  It is the number one reason for strife in relationships and divorce, as well as church and ministry dissension.

Those who suffer from the Ahab spirit have a challenge with confronting people who are strong and dominant.  They simply do not want to cause other people to get angry so just give in to them in order to keep the peace.  They have a very hard time leading their spouse or family spiritually.  So they defer to their spouse to lead.

So if you are a single person looking for a new mate and have the Jezebel spirit, then you will look for someone that is weaker and that you can control.  Once married you will continue to control and manipulate them and eventually drive them away and could end either in divorce or simply endure another miserable marriage, not taking any responsibility that you are the reason for the misery.

If you are single and have the Ahab spirit, then you will look for someone that is strong and unknowingly set yourself up for more heart ache of being controlled and manipulated.  Many physically attractive people have either the Jezebel or Ahab spirit and find each other attractive.  Unfortunately many will strive their entire marriages until they divorce.

So what should you do if you are single and are waiting to find a new mate to be married to?  You should make sure you are delivered from the Jezebel or Ahab spirit.  Also the Leviathan spirit, which causes  people to be prideful and twist things in their mind (and can cause back  or neck pain, insomnia, you fall asleep when reading the Bible or listening to someone preach and you could have a lot of physical pains in your body – even Fibromyalgia or cancer).

So you need to be completely delivered from any spirits and living in peace before looking for a new mate or else you will be drawn to another person who has spirits that will ultimately frustrate both of you and cause you to have yet another failed relationship.  Once you are freed from all enemy spirits tormenting you, then you will be able to discern who is truly healthy to come into a relationship with.  The cloud will have been lifted from your head and your eyes will have the scales removed from them to see who the other person really is. So many people wear masks to cause prospective mates to believe that they are the spouse of their dreams, but then once married, revert back to the dark, controlling person that they really are.

If you are already married, then you have a challenge on your hands.  If you already married someone who has the Jezebel spirit, then you know what it is like to be controlled and manipulated as it is a living hell of constant strife.  Then you must get your spouse to realize that they need delivered and the process can be much more challenging as they will be resistant.  But the Holy Spirit has been using Restored to Freedom to get thousands of people set free around the world as more are becoming aware.

So to conclude, if you are single and searching for Mr. or Mrs. Right, do yourself a favor and get delivered now so that you can see without rose colored glasses on.  Then once you are freed, you can operate out of a pure and righteous heart to be drawn to someone who is also pure and righteous in order to have a marriage made in heaven instead of hell.

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