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Narcissistic Personality Disorder is actually the spirits of Jezebel & Leviathan

The psychological community states that Narcissistic Personality Disorder involves a pattern of self-centered, arrogant thinking and behavior, a lack of empathy and consideration for other people, and an excessive need for admiration.  It describes them as cocky, manipulative, selfish, patronizing and demanding.  Their way of thinking and behaving can be seen in every area of the narcissist’s life: from work and friendships to family and love relationships.  They are in love with an idealized, grandiose image of themselves.   They say that there are no medications that can help them and no ability to change.  What they don’t know is that even though it is extremely challenging to see have them change, they are able to with the help of Jesus.

The reason why a person becomes a narcissist is due to growing up with emotional wounds from their father or mother or due to being sexually violated (incest, molested, raped, etc).  When they grow up under these unloving circumstances they begin to have negative thoughts in their minds due to their pain that begins to intermingle with the enemy’s suggestions.  They hear thoughts that cause them fear and tells them that they cannot trust anyone.  They are told that no one can do what should be done so if they don’t do it their way then it is wrong.  If a girl was hurt by her dad (or was molested by her brothers or another boy) then the enemy will tell her that all men are like your dad or brother and they need to pay for the pain that their dad or brothers did to you.  If a mother has overly controlled and hurt her son (or a boy was molested by his sister or other woman) then the voice will tell them that all women are mean and need to pay for the pain that their mother or sister did to them.


The voices are real as they hear them every day.  They are unable to have any peace. It tells them to control other people and manipulate them to do what they hear.  They are usually sexually selfish, jealous, demanding, and very prideful and arrogant.  They often times are drawn into ministry, churches, counseling, psychology desiring to help other people who have been hurt while walking wounded themselves and hurting others.  The spiritual components are the spirits of Jezebel (1 and 2 Kings and Revelation 2:18-23) and the spirit of Leviathan (Job 41 – as verse 34 states “He beholds every high thing; He is king over all the children of pride.” Jezebel directly wants to stop the flow of the Holy Spirit in churches and in the lives of people and comes against people who hear the Lord’s voice (prophetic) or wants to help people.

The only way that they can change is to choose to truly forgive all those who have hurt them in their past.  If they harbor any bitterness or anger against those who had hurt them then the enemy has a legal right to continue to speak to them in their minds strongly.  Once they have forgiven all those who have hurt them, then they need to humble themselves from their prideful spirit of Leviathan.  They also must take ownership over all those that they have hurt in their lives and repent to God for it.  Then they can command the spirits to be gone from them and they will feel the spirits leave and change.  I have seen thousands set free from these spirits and had their entire countenance change instantly.  The spirit of Leviathan wraps around a person’s spine and twists causing them back and neck pain, headaches, often times scoliosis, insomnia, if they try to read a Bible or Christian books they will fall asleep as it tries to stop a person from growing spiritually.  I have seen people with Fibromyalgia, Bipolar and cancer healed immediately once Leviathan leaves.

Then the anointing in their lives is unclogged and they can hear the Lord’s voice more clearly than ever.  They can prophesy more accurately and specific than ever before.  They feel more clean and pure as the Lord is coming back for a pure and spotless bride.  Their marriage no longer has strife in it and people are in love again with their spouse.

My best-selling book Restored to Freedom (available at Amazon in paperback and Kindle in English, Spanish and German – and in Audible in English) has helped thousands around the world to receive the understanding and then lists the powerful prayers that have seen miracles.   My website is www.restoredtofreedom.com and my Facebook ministry page is www.facebook.com/restoredtofreedomwww.youtube.com/user/nelsonschuman67

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    • You can set up a personal deliverance session by choosing Personal Ministry on the front page and emailing the person of your choice.

  • I’m also married over 30 yrs and by reading this article and more studies on these 3 strongmen. Earlier this May, after fasting and praying, I confronted the Jezebel Spirit in my husband and he renounced her and accepted The Lord as his Savior. I know we have authority over all demons by the blood of Jesus.

    • We sure do! Actually we have the same power Jesus has, thru Jesus name, of course. Only if you believe it wholey, with not a single doubt. Only spoken thru the power of the Savior Jesus Christ. And as a matter of fact he doesn’t just want us to believe in the laying of hands on the possesed, for casting out evil spirits, the sick or wounded, or the lost for deliverance and healing. The power is real. He also wants us to and expects us to use this power and go in his name, fighting against these ailments in the world.

      • Yes.. I am praying non-stop for a person that I care for…she has displayed narcissistic and Jezebel behavior…the nicer I was to her, the angrier it made her.
        When I saw her practicing witchcraft (tarot cards)..and she invited me to do a reading to tell my fortune. I told her how mistaken she was..and invited her to accept Jesus as her lord and savior…..she went to the human resources department…made up horrible lies against me….they believed her and they fired me from my job.
        I never become angry at her…instead I understood exactly what was going on….God allowed her to come into my life for a reason…..now I understood that God wanted me to feel compassion not anger towards her.
        I knew that my assignment was to pray non- stop for her.

        I pray..”Dear God inJesus’s name….may she be delivered…born again and saved…..and then and only then…allow her to come back into my life..and I in her life.

        We do have free will…but the power of prayer and fasting is so great…that I declare victory over her life….only God knows how he will soften her heart….it is God’s will that none shall perish….on her own, she may never come to the Lord…but that is ok because I feel such a strong feeling that I have a commitment to pray for her….maybe something will happen in her life where she (unfortunately) has to hit rock bottom…..sometimes it is a wakeup call. I am inspired by the story of Nicky Cruz….the preacher..had such a strong feeling to pray and fast for the salvation of Nicky Cruz…..in the natural…people would tell the pastor..”don’t waste your time with Nicky Cruz, the devil has got too much of a hold on him…your prayers won’t work….let it go….there are other people who will be easier to witness to…besides, the police, other gang members and most everybody are afraid of Nicky Cruz….who do you think you are confronting this very dangerous man…with only a Bible tucked under your arm…

        Never the less, the pastor had such a strong calling to continue praying for Nicky’s salvation….no one knew but Gob why this pastor was so persistent. Other very dedicated pastors would have quit.

        One day, Nicky could not get the pastor’s words out of his mind..day and night….Nicky straggled with the pastor’s words in his mind…..those words were..Nicky, did you know that Jesus loves you….accept him as your Lord and Savior.. Soon after that a rival gang tried to kill Nicky…now Nicky felt the emptiness of dying alone and going to hell…he became extremely scared……he hit rock bottom…he began looking for the pastor and asked the pastor to pray for him….he was saved and wad born again instantly……..but why did the pastor feel such a strong inclination to focus on Nicky Cruz, putting his own life at risk?

        Now we know the answer….because God had a calling for Nicky’s life..it wasn’t just so that he become a Christian…but because Nicky Cruz would become a pastor and help save many lives of future gang members by taking them out of the grasp of the enemy and bringing them to Jesus.

        I don’t know what plans God has for the person that I am praying for but the story of Nicky Cruz helps me understand that prayer works….it is the most powerful force of the universe.

  • My husband is controlled by Jezebel and Leviathan. I have confronted them several times. At the name of Jesus, they will shut their mouths and stop verbally attacking me temporarily. They will not leave him because he refuses to surrender and he refuses to truly forgive those who hurt him. It has gotten to the point where now I’m apologizing to strangers at church or in public- right in front of my husband- for his unnaceptable behavior.

  • I’m dealing with this in my husband. He had gotten mostly free and delivered but he never forgave the people who hurt him. He left doors open with bitterness and these spirits and alcoholism have came back. As the scriptures say its 7 times more. He’s so evil sometimes its hard. I’m at a point of do I stay or go. He wants no part of God anymore and it breaks my heart. This man was on fire and speaking in tongues and wanting to minkster to people… now this. Please pray for me. It has taken a toll on me. To where I’m dealing with depression plus I just had a baby. So postpartum depression has been an issue. I pray God will lead me. I lpve my husband so much but I can’t stay with him when hes so manifested in these spirits. Hes cheated on me and every thing else when livimf into the enemies ways.

  • Would I need to actually ring these people asking for a apology , I kind of have a habit of just ignoring with no answers of to what I am doing

  • I am married to a narcissistic man. He hates God, the church and anything faith based. I wake up to swearing and cussing every day, before I have been out of bed 5 minutes endure at least 20 F bombs, racial slurs and rants about politics. I’m seriously considering leaving. What can I do? E is verbally abusive, destructive to property when he has tantrums and has moved into another room so I can sleep”. His lies are compulsory and I am really angry with myself for being deceived enough to marry him a little over a year ago.

    • Sounds like he has been completely taken over by the enemy so separation would be the best decision and then let the Lord confirm if you are to divorce. Every person has a freewill to decide and it sounds like he is an unbeliever and wants nothing to do with God so the demons in him will try to shut you down from anything for the Lord.

  • I have just left my partner for the umpteenth time! I love him dearly but find that I am sleeping with the enemy! He is a functional alcoholic and marijuana addict, whose live for the Father but mainly Jesus Christ has disappeared! The demons hate Jesus and have caused him to drink and smoke excessively, become a compulsive liar always having an affair! The Father revealed to me that these demonic spirits are controlling him and because I am a child of the Most High they make him hate me and turn on me!

    I love him very much ?

  • Why are they attracted to prophets? My husband is involved with a Jezebel spirit and when he tried to get her to stop talking to him, she always comes back. My husband is a prophet too.

  • I am in 17 year relationship with a narsassistic man. I’m just recently learning of these things on narsassistic abuse and narsassistic supply, the spirits behind these masks of narsassism. I have been reading and listening to literature on this topic only a month or so. But wasn’t hard to see this was what. I am facing. I have refused to give up on what I desired for our lives together. It pretty much from 2001 till a month or so ago to put all these layers and signs together. I started off searching sex addiction duel diagnosed with drug addiction. Wandered and searched why does it seem he hates me. So mean but says he loves me and wants me to stay. And I’m gonna tell you, sent me in a paragliding state of shock. Having a biblical teachings growing up, I knew this was evil spirits working thru people, seeking out as many souls to take to take to hell with them. I pray ” God what do I do, I know already, tho. In Jesus name I’m to command these spirits by their name to come out of and let loose and set him free. Over and over speaking it it the Holy Son’s name. In preparation and prayer I will free him.

    • Hi Alish,
      In taking on the demonic spirits that your husband has entertained, remember that he needs to be in agreement that he wants to be free from demonic control. If he isn’t interested in being free, the demons may initially leave when rebuked, but he may miss their place in his life and invite their return. And, when they return, scripture tells us that you may be looking at dealing with seven times more demonic influence as they bring their friends along for support. It’s vital that he be at a place of wanting deliverance as much as you.

  • Hello. I really hope someone will respond to my question. If you have sex with someone possessed with the Jezebel and Leviathan spirits, are they then automatically invited/(transmitted into you as well? I have found myself extremely suicidal lately and as I read this i’m wondering if these are the spirits behind my partner’s strange actions for quite a while now and if they were passed into me as well. He is virtually 180* different than the first couple of years we were together. I know our relationship is very wrong, at its’ inception with him already heavily involved in prostitution. But my main concern is.. how can I tell if this is what’s really going on and if there is a connection here, what do I do? If I am freed, would I then have the authority to rebuke the spirits from him as well? His family is a strong Christian one. He is very active in his church and people would be shocked beyond shocked if they knew about us. Our relationship is one of a BDSM nature where he has always had me call him ‘Master’. That always felt VERY wrong as the scripture saying we can only have one ‘master’ has always plagued my heart when I have referred to him as such. He went from supposedly loving me (almost nearly completely obsessed with me) and always encouraging me, promising to never leave .. to complete abandonment at times, either physically, emotionally or both. I know that ‘I’ have a calling to write music that God gives me. How I’ve ended up in this mess is truly beyond my capability to understand. I love this man deeply despite he has nearly destroyed me on multiple occasions now. via that sudden withdrawal of approval/affection.. even any type of care in the slightest. I have come to within one hair of impulsively carrying out a very specific suicide plan on multiple occasions now and i’m not sure what has kept me from it either honestly. Thoughts of suicide just seem to always camp out in a corner of my mind now. I hope someone can shine some much needed light on this situation. It’s so strange how I even came to the point of stumbling across all of this information. Anyways, thank-you anyone for your help with any answers, insights and or direction.

    • Hello – The Jezebel / Leviathan spirits in him definitely would like to torment you in order to get you to kill yourself. That is what demons want to do to people – steal, kill and destroy. If you break free from him – and get delivered yourself – you would not have authority to rebuke the spirits from him as he has to want to be delivered. He has a free will to choose to repent and humble himself or not. Narcissists hear the enemy voices strongly and they will speak to you to try to get you to kill yourself. I would recommend you reach out to one of my Restored To Freedom deliverance team members for a session – I would recommend Trina Wisel from Indiana as she has had relationships with Narcissists in the past and would be a great resource for you. Her email is fitt4lifeangola@yahoo.com and phone is 260-668-9480

  • My son’s great-grandmother is a narcissist. I could not put my finger on her actions until now amd the explanations that I have been given about this ‘personality’ type are spot on. I had her living w/ me at one point this year & it was pure hell. Glad she’s GONE. I was told by one of the saints at my church that she needed to get out my house shortly before she actually did due to the demons she was carrying. Never knew it went THAT deep. My house is peaceful again. Im taking heed to my own walk of forgiveness and love levels and asking the Lord to help me forgive those who have dome me wrong.

  • I just broke up with a narcissistic boyfriend. I pray he get set free from these two demons. He has the potential to a wonderful man and prophet of God. Please pray for Phillip Cavazos in Jesus Name

  • please no judging in my story.
    My ex and i started while she was with another man. They broke up and we got very serious very quick. She was always non emotional. Couldn’t cry or show empathetic emotions. Twice in 4 months she would “have to take a break to find herself”. The second time god told me to call it off. After a week of violently shaking. I did what he commanded. I found out she had been on tinder for the last section of our relationship. She had told me she loved me and wanted a family. As a man that has had his family taken from him by my ex wife, another narcissistic woman and the court system, i fell hard. Since i called it off, her ex has threatened me and her stepdad. I’ve started shaking and she hasn’t left my mind. What is this and why am i drawn to such women? Am i the problem?

    • You would be dealing with being affected by the Ahab Spirit which draws you to controlling women with the Jezebel spirit. So you need to have Ahab broken off. You can watch deliverance videos at youtube.com/nelsonschuman67

    • You can only cast out Jezebel and Leviathan from a person who wants them gone. Otherwise you need to protect yourself and try to get them to see that they are suffering from them. My YouTube.com/nelsonschuman67 is a great resource of videos and testimonies and deliverance videos

  • My mother is a narcissist and I am the only child. She claims to be a faithful Christian but only prays when she’s angry or in a bad mood. When she prays, she asks for Horrible things to happen to people she believes that are leading me astray things and never asks for forgiveness or admits any of her own shortcomings. I swear sometimes when she prays, it’s only a cowardly way to speak to me indirectly. Since she always does it with the door open, super loud and violently angry to antagonize me. She gaslights when she prays as if God doesn’t see what’s going on. And she always asks for things that we as humans can achieve on our own. When I pray, I always humble myself and make sure it’s too vent my struggles in away or maybe ask for strength and enlightenment to seek anything I want throughly. I make sure it’s never for things I can do on my own because God isn’t a personal genie or some kind of Santa Claus who will give you whatever you want just because you asked. It has to benefit the greater good and contribute to uniting our higher selves with one another. My narcissistic mother gaslights everything all the time and believes her own lies. she’s so arrogant that she speaks in tongues and I swear to you every time she does this, I can sense the arrogance and ingenuity. She’s completely convinced anytime she guesses something that is blatantly obvious, that it was a sign from God. But don’t be fooled by her silliness. She does have a weird power but in the most negative sense. She can manifest the most horrible things by just speaking them. It scares me because she constantly repeats her self and verbally express is her suspicions on a constant and it seems to attract it all the more into our lives. She isn’t humanitarian at all. She hates on other people’s success is to the point where she gets violently angry. she’s always crossing all kinds of boundaries but then expect me to live up to these ridiculous standards. I am in my late 30s and I still find myself seeking some kind of validation from her which I know makes me sick as well. I need to learn how to cut the cord but I’m currently stuck right now and I don’t know what to do. But the praying thing is just beyond me. She uses it as a weapon to antagonize, manipulate, and to satisfy her own narcissism. She’s also Korean and refuses to adapt or learn the ways of the American people. I’ve tried so many times to talk to her but she refuses to listen. She’s histrionic as well. Even though she’s so negative towards the outside world and tries to isolate me by enabling me to do the things that are so bad for me. I’m afraid to leave her unattended at a grocery store because if I do, I’ll find her talking to security guards you’re off for two hours when the security guard obviously wants out of the conversation. It’s almost as if she’s not self-aware. Maybe she is And just doesn’t give a shit whether she’s making ppl feel uncomfortable. I can’t tell her anything about myself because she later uses it as a weapon against me. I told her I was celibate for 4 to 5 years thinking it would make her feel better and less worried about me but it ended up backfiring on me. She now tells me at least once a week that I’m probably prostituting myself to men or selling my body for drugs. Yes I admit I struggle with an addiction but it’s impossible to quit around her because she is a trigger and an enabler. She would rather contribute to my drug usage versus getting me a car so I can progress and do things for myself. She spies on me, gives me things only to put a price tag on them later. She even put a price tag on things that she did for me in the past that mothers are supposed to do. I am not afraid to say out loud now that I know that she is jealous of me and even competes with me over being prettier or smarter. It’s insane. i’m thankful for my father. Without him I wouldn’t have been able to experience an ego death which then led to me connecting with my higher self. He’s passed away now and I swear my mother became a stranger after he died. I realized after he passed away that he was my mother and my father and allowed me to believe in an ideal of my mother, knowing that it was crucial for my growth to believe that she really was a mother to me. When he was alive , she had someone to compete with so I did somewhat believe that she loved me and was just maybe crazy and possessive. As soon as he died there wasnt any competition anymore so her true self came forth and lemme just say this. I didn’t know who this woman was anymore. I realized that I’ve been existing side by side with a complete stranger and imposter. A person who is incapable of loving anyone, who had it out for me. You would think as an only child, I probably grew up extremely privileged and spoiled. But nope. That’s probably the farthest from the truth. As long as she was around, she made sure that I never got the best of anything. She made sure that I had the absolute minimal of everything I absolutely needed including which memories I was allowed to hold. She controlled my books, my art, letters my pictures everything. Till this day she still throws away my belongings, things that she never spent money on. Things that I invested in. Things that were never opened or taken out of the box. Why would she throw things away that are brand new? When I ask her this she’ll say I have too much stuff but then can’t explain why she’ll keep clothes of mine that she knows I haven’t worn 20 years that I think are hideous. She’ll throw away the stuff and clothes I love but keep the clothes I don’t where. It’s obvious there’s a pattern here. She likes to hurt me on a daily basis. It’s almost like she thrives off my pain. Anytime I say this she then will get defensive and start praying and talking over me by praying. you have no idea how it feels to try and reason with someone and in the middle of you expressing yourself, you get cut off by a violent yell for God the Savior to cast the demons out of the very person who is trying to reason with you. Long story short, sorry for the rent by the way is how do I help her when she won’t even admit or knowledge she has anything dark inside her? How do you get someone to respect you enough to trust that you know what you’re talking about? I tried reaching out to your family and I swear I’m starting to realize that her family is pretty fucked up to. They’ve been telling me for the past 30 years that I should just relax and that my mom is only doing this because she cares about me. It’s as if they’re on auto pilot mode and can give a shit less. So knowing that she is successfully brainwashed her family into believing her psychopath the grants, I guess I need to know how one can exercise demons out of somebody who probably won’t have the strength to fight it out of themselves? I know I’m not a professional exorcist but I don’t know what else to do. I know exorcisms are traditionally a catholic practice but She’s a Christian and won’t consider any other philosophy or religions Because she is that cliche of your typical judgemental, close minded Christian. The kind who hates everyone. The typical kind that rejects and judges any other belief but her own. Even though she contradicts this by believing her dreams are prophetic and following the eastern way of interpretation which is based in Taoism and Buddhism. How can I get her to look in the mirror? I just wanna hear myself say it out loud it sounds ridiculous. It’s like trying to force someone to love someone. It’s impossible. But I don’t want to believe that all hope is gone. She must have something Powerful and dark inside of her because of the way she can manifest the most negative situations, the passion behind her anger and hatred. Her hatred exudes outside her body field and it makes me feel physically ill if I come too close to it. Which is why I must and this rant by saying if you love something or feel something within your heart, it has been scientifically proven that it sends out electrically magnetic frequencies just far enough outside your body that it almost encircles you. That being said , whoever happens to be present when this happens can be touched and affected by it if they’re standing close enough. Which means be mindful of the things you think about, be sharing with your love and generous with who you care about. The world is in enough turmoil and trouble that it would be silly if we continue to be so stingy and choosy with who we share our love with. We aren’t penguins people, I believe we relate more to wolves hence the many friendships and relationships we maintain in our lives. And I also don’t believe there’s different degrees of love. Like, “I love this person more than that person because I’m married to them”. That isn’t right. I believe that the “knowing” is what grows and love is the very thing that contains it. Hope for someone to reply to this soon. Thanks.

    • You can give her my book Restored to Freedom, show her my YouTube.com/nelsonschuman67 channel where she can watch testimonies or videos to get delivered, and pray for her.

  • I have recently come to awareness that I have functioned as a narcissist most of my 50 year life. This awareness came a few months after the chains of denial and delusion were broken and Christ met me where i was. Now, the idea of living the rest of my life without being able to change these insidious habits is depressing. I am just completing a program called Freedom Session where I have, among other things, accepted that by my own strength I am powerless to change, forgive everyone that has hurt me including myself, and commanded certain spirits to leave me in the name of Jesus Christ. I believe God can and will bring freedom and healing. Praying for blessings of healing and restoration for the those hurt by and afflicted with this insidious behavior.

  • I have a daughter, 10yrs old, showing exact signs of this Jezabel and laviathin. I am,trying to cast them out and its not working. She is getting worse. Husband tends towards narcissist and has addictions. I believe I use to be but before she was born I began healing in multiple areas of my life. I am,scared. I am heavy. I need help

    • Until your husband gets delivered the demons in him will re-infect her. When he gets delivered then he will be able to treat her nicely and not re-infect her. Try to get him to watch some of our teaching and testimony videos on You Tube at youtube.com/nelsonschuman67

  • I would like to talk to some there re my 20 year situation back and forth into this and medical crazy satanists. And I’m dying bc of 19 of them and I lost one child. Im2002 bc of one guy like that when I was 23. Now I’m 40 and I got stuck in cycle again at age 33. There a lot out there sick pppl who make healthy ppl sick I wish I learned ifm years ago however. I love dental I will
    Never be a mom now. In this earth. Not until the other side my child is 16 years old with my dad who was also extremely hurt by these jezebels. I have it two generations in my bloodline. And all the med ppl big pharma killer reps cdc who and bill and Melinda foundation are total satanists. As I am vaccine injured since. 2011 and abused into chronic Lyme since 2015. I am in a coma since then and got stuck in inheritance from hell. With my mother and her bc who told me to drop dead already last summer.

    Now I am dying. And fake Christian friend. Thisworld is a real mess right now. If we is decent follks don’t try to sell natural health products and to more functional medicine. This entire planet is going to be zombified re COVID Lyme. Pharma these medical ppl are like demons. Now like they are hypnotized with evil. And then call ppl psycho. I trained in dental and amalgam separation and all dental I have a lot of knowledge the police abused me also. In 12. After 12 years my baby lost pain then I got dumped into jezebel by the other jezebel. And my entire left over retires from hell are like that. I really would like to talk to someone re this situation and I am waiting on psychologist. This world is pretty messed up in ppl attitude s now too bc the entire world has become like me me me jezebel. I cannot understand this kind of mindset. As I was and am a giver. And simple things to help some one out of chaos before they make you useless but the things these bad spirits do. Is just unbelievable pls get back to me and you call them out and they play victim. Over and over the med ones do this too. These pppl need to be caged bad police too the mind games and lies are extraordinarily. Insidious then we all end up broken and brain damaged and Lyme eats your entire brain. Spinal cavity. I still wanted children I wish I kept first and put narcissists in the snow when I was 23 but I didn’t even understand ppl like that yet when I was 23 years old I don’t think my birth lady was ever molested. Nor her stupid bc the med ppl I have no clue I just know they are satanist pharma bought liars. But why those ppl have zero motivation in self improvement and suck and dump for a lifetime and block your money and their s and waste life drive ppl to s word and think they are all doing nothing and you lose your mind and your soul in the process and you have your own issues and they all pretend to care and then disguard. Drive you to suicide these jezebels seriously need attention. All of them walking around the planet and I know a lot and I want to hold them all accountable. For what they caused myself and a list of others I have.

  • My entire immediate family, that is my father mother and two older sisters are all highly narcissistic. I have been so horrifically tortured through out my life by the very people who are supposed to love and care for me. I grew up in such evil I’m now 28 years old and coming to this revelation of the wicked spirits at work in my family’s behavior. Now I have a firm grasp on what is really going on and can now pray more effectively for my loved ones and those outside my immediate family who have hurt me also as a result of these spirits influence, I forgive them with great love. I rebuke you Jezebel and Leviathan flee in Jesus name.

    Glory be to the Holy Trinity for guiding me to this knowledge. God bless you all and don’t stop praying for the poor souls suffering with this great evil.

  • Hello I need a anointed women or men of God to interseed on my behalf immediately please, the devil has me trapped, in I can’t move forward.
    I’m married to a narcissist that’s literally is addictive to watching porn all day, he lies, he cheats, in his very manipulate. Please yall I never
    Felt so bound in discouraged in my life. I also
    believe his mom is also a narcissist. So this is my
    Prater request thank you

  • How do you help a friend that has been influenced by a narcistic/jezebel. He does not see anything wrong in her doing, accuse family of not having respect for him and her, has alienated his family completely, spread false rumours and it is never either one of their fault – always the other parties fault. God has opened my eyes to this woman, but I do not know how to help my brother in law. He got into an affair with her before his wife died (mysteriously after two months – unknown causes) and ever since it has been downhill with him. Any advice?

    • I would send some of my teachings of my blogs as well as video teachings on YouTube.com/c/nelsonschuman or my books (Freedom From Soul Wounds and Demons) on Amazon

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