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What gives demons legal right to torment you & how to get freed

Demons torment Christians and non-Christians in their minds and bodies due to various legal entry points / doors that either we open for them or that others opened to them that affect us because of what they did. 

Demons cannot simply enter into a person’s body or torment their mind without having some kind of legal permission and legal right to be able to do so. They need some kind of an entry point to be able to get in and affect someone, and that entry point will be their door opener.

There are spiritual laws that are in operation in our world, and even demons have to abide by these spiritual laws that have been set up by God. Kind of like the rules of our world that God created and enforces in a good versus evil game where eternal life and death are at stake.

So what are some of the entry point / doors that allow a demon to legally torment a person?  I list them below:

– Drugs / Excessive alcohol 

– Witchcraft / Wicca

– Occult / Ouija Board / Seances / Yoga (Hindu Shakras which invoke millions of gods / Kundalini Awakening) / New Age / Games – Dungeon and Dragons / Tarot Cards / Pokémon / Harry Potter books 

– Sexual sins / fantasizing / incubus / succubus / molested / raped / incest / porn

– Taking Offense

– Unforgiveness (people who hurt you – commonly your parents / spouse / siblings / anyone as the demons remind you over and over of the pain of your past wounds)

– Anger 

– Lying 

– Pride (Spirit of Leviathan – Job 41)

– Jealousy

– Direct Willful Sin

– Inheritance – Generational

– Trauma / violence 

– Abuse (emotional, physical or sexual) – excessive control and manipulation

– Ungodly Soul Ties & Sexual Covenants

– Curses / Witchcraft

– Addictions

– Fears and Phobias

– False / Evil Religions

– Cursed Objects

– Cursed Buildings / Houses / Properties 

– Secret societies like Freemasons / Scottish Rite / Shriners / Order of Skull and Bones / Eastern Star / KKK / Knights of Pythias / etc.

Direct Willful Sin

Many people need to be honest and look in the mirror at themselves to determine what sins they have willfully done in their own lives against the Lord. Obviously not every sin will cause immediate direct demonic attacks, but the stronger types of sins will affect them, especially if done on a regular basis for quite a long period of time with no intent by the person to try to stop as their conscience becomes seared.Below are listed some of the direct willful sins, if committed on any kind of regular basis, that will get us into major trouble in the spiritual realm with allowing demons to torment us on a regular basis:

  • Any kind of criminal or deviate activity
  • Doing any type of strong drugs (even some legal drugs that have a mind altering affect which carry major side effects – spirits of Pharmakeya)
  • Excessive Alcohol
  • Abortion (which is murder of innocent babies)
  • Adultery / Fornication
  • Inflicting heavy verbal or physical abuse / control on another person (which the spirit of Jezebel causes)

All of these areas are major door openers and entry points for demons. Many people believe that God just ignores the sin of fornication.Unfortunately, when you fornicate with a partner who has demons attached to them, then you immediately give full legal rights for the demons to be able to come directly after you.Many Christians do not fully realize how serious of a sin this really is with God, as you will still become one flesh with anyone you are fornicating with, even if you are not in love with that person or directly engaged to marry them. You will develop what is called an ungodly soul tie and sexual covenant with the person you are fornicating with, and you will then have to fully break that soul tie & covenant with the Lord before you will be able to cast the demons out of you.

I have seen several instances where many women and men had drawn demons into their bodies as a result of fornicating with men and women who already had demons attached to them.  Again, this is one sin that should not be taken lightly or taken for granted with the Lord, thinking that He will give you grace and prevent any demons from being able to attack you if you decide to directly and willfully disobey His direct Word on this matter.

To break these kinds of legal rights with the demons you should take the following three steps:

  • Confess each one of these sins directly to the Lord, apologize to the Lord for engaging in these sins for as long as you have, and then ask God, through the blood of His Son Jesus, to fully forgive you of these sins and to fully wash away the stain of these sins from your souls (mind, will and emotions).
  • Repent and renounce each one of these sins. When you repent of a sin, you are telling God that you will never, ever go back to it again. If the person ends up going back to the same sins after they have been delivered from the demons, then the same demons can then come back on them and possibly bring back more demons who are going to be seven times more wicked than the first set of demons were, thus making their next state much more worse than what their original state was.
  • Fully break and sever any ungodly soul ties if there were any other partners involved with you in any of the above sin areas. The Bible very clearly tells us that the wages of sin is always going to be some kind of death. And death in some of these types of sins is going to be demons who will be allowed to attach to you if you do not pull out of that sin within a reasonable period of time with the Lord.
  • If you are not willing to admit that any of the above areas are sins with the Lord, or if you are not willing to repent and pull out of any of these sins, then you will not be able to get freed from your demons. The demons will not leave if you try and cast them out because all of their legal rights will still remain fully intact as long as you refuse to pull out of that specific sin area.

If you are ministering to a person on any direct willful sins they may have committed against the Lord, make sure to ask the Holy Spirit to help give you insight / visions and show you any other sins that the person may not have realized were direct sins against the Lord. The more exhaustive you can be when getting this list of legal rights all out on the table, the easier it will be to cast out the demons once you start to address them.

The Occult

Another major area to look for is any experimenting with any area of the occult. If you played with a ouija board even one time, or saw a fortune teller or psychic even one time.  Just one time with any area of the occult is a major door opener for demons to have a legal right to come in and torment you. 

And if a person has drawn demons into their lives as a result of dabbling with the occult, they will then draw in some of the stronger and more evil types of demons in Satan’s kingdom.

This specific sin area is nothing to mess around with. These demons are also the most violent type and the hardest ones to try and actually cast out. They will usually be the ones who will try and fight you in a very resistant way before they will leave the person.

Here is a list of the specific occult activities that you will need to look for when interviewing the person:

  • Fortune telling – of any kind such as palm reading, crystal ball gazing, numerology, or seeing psychics
  • Tarot Cards
  • Ouija Boards 
  • Seances and any involvement with mediums or spiritists
  • Astrology and any form of horoscopes
  • I Ching (Classic of Changes or Book of Changes, is an ancient Chinese divination text and the oldest of the Chinese classics)
  • Hypnotism
  • Transcendental Meditation / Yoga or any type of Far Eastern Meditation
  • Crystals
  • Witchcraft
  • Astral Projection (traveling places / listening to people’s conversations)
  • ESP
  • Satanism
  • Voodoo
  • Hoodoo (traditional black American folk spirituality that developed from a number of West African spiritual traditions and beliefs – mixture of various African religious practices created by enslaved Africans in the New World)
  • Channeling
  • Reincarnation
  • Dungeons and Dragons – role-playing games
  • New Age Movement techniques and activities
  • Necromancy (communicating with people who have died, especially in order to predict the future)

Again, any involvement whatsoever with any of the above occult activities should be noted as a major legal right of demons. Once you have identified all the open doors then you should break things off of you by doing the following 4 steps:

  • Confess this activity out as a direct sin against the Lord and all of His ways. Tell God that you are truly sorry for committing this type of direct willful sin against Him, as you have been placing demons ahead of God. People who delve into the occult are actually tapping into demons for supernatural guidance in their lives instead of going directly to the Lord for His guidance in their lives.
  • Renounce this sin before the Lord, telling God that you will never, ever go back to it again. This sin is so heavy and so serious with the Lord, that you not only have to confess it out as a sin, but you also have to formally renounce it before God, telling Him that you will never experiment with it ever again.
  • Burn or throw away all objects associated with the occult. This will include all books, statues, paintings, drawings, notebooks, jewelry, etc. Demons can continue to remain attached to all of these kinds of objects, and if you do not burn or throw all of them away, the demons can continue to remain attached to these objects and thus continue to remain in your house where they can still attack you.
  • Fully break and sever all ungodly soul ties to any other people they have been closely associated with in the area of the occult they have been experimenting in. Any mentors, teachers, and instructors that have been teaching them can all form a demonic and ungodly soul tie with them. They have to be willing to fully break away from all of the people they have been associated with in the specific area of the occult they have been delving in.


There are 3 types of curses that demons can use to come after someone.

1) Direct Curses – this is where someone who is heavy into the occult will try and curse someone directly. Both witches and satanists will try and do this with those who they think are their enemies, and we as Christians are definitely one of their direct enemies.

However, our Bible tells us that a curse cannot land on us without a cause. In other words, if a witch or a satanist tries to send a curse our way, it will not land on us due to the protection that we already have with God. But if we have done something that would have caused a hole to occur in our protective hedge with the Lord, then that curse might be able to get through and land on us. And if it does, then the demons who will be attached to that curse will then try and attack us.

Here is the verse from our Bible telling us that a direct curse cannot land on us without some type of proper cause being in place:

“Like a flitting sparrow, like a flying swallow, so a curse without cause shall not alight.” (Proverbs 26:2)

If a curse has already been sent your way by someone who is into the occult, and you are already under direct attack from the demons who are riding on that curse, then the first thing you will need to determine is if you have done anything on your end that would have caused a hole to occur in your protective hedge with the Lord. Often times the people cursing you will try to get you into some type of sin (they could provoke you to anger at them, pray you will sin sexually, etc.).

If you have done something sinful to have caused a hole to occur in your protective hedge with the Lord, then get it properly taken care of and broken with the Lord. Then once you do that, you can then create the appropriate battle prayer to break the curse and the hold that it still has on you.

For instance, if you were also dabbling in the occult, then you will have to break this legal right like is explained above under the occult caption.

Then once you have both fully confessed and renounced your sin of being involved in the occult before the Lord, then you can turn around and directly engage with the curse and the demons who are riding on it and render it completely null and void in the name of Jesus.

If by chance you have not done anything that would have caused a hole to occur in your protective hedge with the Lord, then you can directly engage with the demons, telling them that this curse has no cause to be able to land on them, and that you will now prevent this curse from being able to harm you.

You can also plead the blood of Jesus directly against the curse, directly against the person who is sending the curse their way, directly against the demons who are riding on this curse, along with pleading the blood directly around yourself so as to form out a protective covering and shield.

2) Self- Cursing – the next type of curse that can come someone’s way is when a person actually curses their own selves. Good examples of self-cursing is when someone is constantly telling themselves that they are no good, they are dumb, they will never amount to anything, they will never achieve any of their goals or dreams, they are too fat and ugly, they will never have any true friends, or that no one is ever going to like them, approve of them, or love them.

This type of negative thinking can really do damage to one’s self-esteem and self confidence. And from there, it can prevent that person from ever being able to reach their true divine destiny and their true potential in the Lord in this lifetime or understanding their true identity in Christ.

The Bible tells us that we are transformed by the renewing of our minds in Romans 12:2, and part of that renewal process is getting the right type of thinking put into our minds and thought process and speaking positively and life out of our mouths.

When you are constantly talking down to yourself, you are in fact cursing your own self with your own words. When demons see someone who is constantly doing this and they are making no attempt to pull out of it, they will waste no time in moving in to help that person out.

The demons will then interject their thoughts into the person’s mind, telling them that they are in full agreement with their own destructive words to themselves, that they really are a nobody, that no one will ever love them, that they are a total failure in this life, and that they will never amount to anything good or worthwhile in this life.

What the demons will try and do is to keep the pressure on from their end so they can either try to get you to commit suicide, or throw you into a severe state of depression where you will no longer be able to function in this life anymore.

If you are dealing with demons attached to you as a result of a lot of self-cursing on your end, then what you will have to do before you can cast the demons out, is to get your thinking straightened out in the Lord.

Learn who you really are in Jesus Christ. God has a specific plan, purpose, and calling for your lives. God is no respecter of persons and that He loves you and cares for you as much as He does anyone else.

Once you get your thinking straightened out, then you can go after the demons, telling them that they no longer have any more legal rights as you now understand what the real truth is and who you really are in Jesus Christ.

3) General Curses – these are non-deliberate types of curses. Examples of these types of curses are when someone close to you makes a cutting and hurtful remark, like you will never make it if you try and go to college, or don’t try to become a doctor because you are not smart enough, you can never start your own business, etc.

We can all remember specific hurtful words that we have received from our parents or close friends that had cut right through us like a knife and have stayed with us for quite a long period of time as the demons remind us over and over in our thoughts. But again, you have to remember that God is in total control of your life, not your parents or your close friends.

God will decide what He will be wanting you to do for Him in your life, and nothing can alter that divine course that has already been set up for your life by the Lord but you yourself.

Hurtful words from any of your parents and close friends will not alter your divine destiny with the Lord unless you allow it to do so. In other words, do not believe and keep dwelling on any type of hurtful type words when they do come your way, no matter who they may come from.

Just realize that we are all imperfect and every once in awhile people will say mean and hurtful things to you. But do not take what they say to heart – and do not let it get a foothold into your mind and thought process. Dismiss it as from the enemy.

If you do believe it to be true then it can curse you and from there, you can start to believe and act on it. And once you start to believe and act on it, demons could then move in to try and make your situation even worse.

They will just add more lies to the ones already spoken out to you, and before you know it, you will have fallen into a state of depression and despair, thinking that your life is now over and not even God can help you now.

If you have any of this type of wrong thinking in your minds, again, build yourself up in the Word and know who you really are in Jesus.

Jesus has a perfect divine plan set out for your life and learn how to let the Holy Spirit straighten out your thinking. Once you are built up a bit in the Word on this issue, then you can cast the demons out, as the demons will then lose their evil grip on you once you start to get your thinking lined up with the way that God wants you to be thinking in your life.

These last two types of curses really do show us how powerful spoken words can be when they are released to other people or even to our own selves. We can literally curse other people and even our own selves without really meaning to do so.

Once again, the Bible really hits the nail on the head when it tells us that we all carry either life and death in our tongues – and it is up to each and every one of us as to what kinds of words we will release to the other people who are in our lives. Too many people are bringing death, cursing, and misfortune to other people with what is coming out of their mouths, especially to those who are very close to them.

– Addictions

This next legal right is also a major feeding ground for demons. You can break addictions down into two different types – those that are behaviorally based and those that are chemically based. But whether an addiction is chemically based or behaviorally based, once again, demons will waste no time in moving in to try and make matters even worse.

Here are some of the specific addictions that demons will try and move in on if the person does not try and pull out if it within a reasonable amount of time:

  • Alcohol
  • Cocaine
  • Heroin
  • Meth
  • Marijuana
  • LSD
  • Anti-depression and other mind altering prescription drugs
  • Anorexia
  • Bulimia
  • Gluttony

To be set free from both the demons and the addictions that are on you, you have to be willing to take the following three steps:

– Confess out the addiction as a sin before the Lord and ask Him to fully forgive you and wash away the stain of this sin from your soul (mind, will and emotions) and body.

Ask God, by the power of the Holy Spirit, to take out this addiction from your personality and lifestyle. You will need an inner healing from the Holy Spirit.

– Once you have completely surrendered your addictions over to the Lord for His full and complete handling, then engage with the demons, telling them that they no longer have any more legal rights to stay attached since you will now be under God’s direct authority and power from this point on – and you will now be working very closely with the Holy Spirit to remove this addiction and stronghold from your life.

– If you are really bound up and do not think you can break free from your addictive lifestyle, read from the Word that there is nothing that God cannot do, including being able to set you fully free from whatever you are addicted to.

As a Christian, you already have the Holy Spirit residing on the inside of you, along with His full divine power to be able to set you fully free from both your specific addictions and the demons who are attached to them.

– Cursed Objects

Another major area where demons like to play in is with cursed objects. Demons can literally attach themselves to certain types of objects. And if a person happens to bring one of these cursed objects into their house, the demons can then start to attack the people who are living in the house as a result of them being attached to that object.

The legal right they are now using will be the cursed object itself. That is why you should immediately discard every single object that is associated with the occult in any way.

Here is a very good verse from the Bible that is telling us that we are not to bring cursed objects into our houses:

“You shall burn the carved images of their gods with fire; you shall not covet the silver or gold that is on them, nor take it for yourselves, lest you be snared by it; for it is an abomination to the Lord your God. Nor shall you bring an abomination into your house, lest you be doomed to destruction like it; but you shall utterly detest it and utterly abhor it, for it is an accursed thing.” (Deuteronomy 7:25-26)

Another area where people can get into trouble is when they go overseas and bring back objects from other pagan nations. Bringing back any kind of a statue, painting, drawing, or jewelry of a foreign god from a pagan nation can also become a major entry point for demons to be able to enter into your house.

If demons are attached to the object that you have just brought back home and you allow it to stay in your house, the demons will then be able to set up shop in your house and start to attack the various members of your family.

If you have demons roaming in your house as a result of being attached to a particular object you have brought back home, take the following 3 steps:

  • Go before God and confess this out as a sin before Him, telling Him that you are sorry and that you did not know that this particular object was cursed with the presence of demons on it.
  • Burn or throw away this cursed object so it is fully removed from their house.
  • Then do a full house cleansing.

What you will want to do when doing a full house cleansing is to walk around the perimeter of the house claiming both the house and the land for the Lord, pleading the blood of Jesus around the house so that no further demons can try and get back in, anoint the main rooms of the house with anointed oil over the top of the entrances, and then cast out any evil spirits that might still be trying to hang on, telling them that all of their legal rights have now been fully removed with the discarding of the cursed objects they were all attached to.

– Cursed Buildings

Another area where people can come under direct demonic attack is when they move into a new house that already has demons in there from the previous owners. If the previous owners were involved in any kind of occult activity, and they then leave and sell the house to the next set of owners, the demons who were attached to the previous owner can still stay in that house due to the legal rights that were granted to them by the previous owner.

This means that the new owners of the house will have to do a full house cleansing when they move in. Again, the new owners should walk around the perimeter of the house claiming both the land and the house for the Lord. Then plead the blood of Jesus around both the house and the land so they can have God’s full protection over all of their property.

From there, anoint each one of the main rooms in the house by applying anointed oil over the tops of the entrances into each one of the rooms, once more claiming each of the rooms for the Lord and commanding any demons who are still in there to now leave in the name of Jesus Christ.

When doing the house cleansing, also tell the demons that you are now the new home owners, that you have not given them any legal rights to be able to attach to you, and that they will now have to leave your new house since you had no involvement whatsoever with the previous owners or whatever else they were involved in that gave them the legal rights to be able to stay in the house in the first place.

I would also try to find out what the previous owners were involved in that allowed the demons to attach to the house in the first place. If you can find out what the specific legal rights were from the previous owner, you can then use that additional information in your prayer once you start to do the house cleansing.

When a person has successfully removed themselves from allowing any demons to have any legal rights to torment them then they will live a much more peaceful and healthy life.  It is worth it to do a review of your life on a monthly basis to make sure as not to have opened any new doors to allow the enemy to have a legal right to torment you.  I will also say that I have seen great success with casting demons out of children who are of the age of 18 and under, especially when the child is still living in the home.  Parents who are healthy and understand their authority in Christ can also cast out demons from their children when they are living with them but need to make sure that neither they or their spouse is continuing to inflict pain upon them verbally, physically or sexually to reinjure them more and allow the demons to torment them again. When you know your authority in Christ you are able to exercise it against demons when they have no legal right to stay.

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