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The goal of demons is to operate within a person so that they don’t know it. They hurt us by giving us thoughts in our minds to cause us to make decisions that are bad for us. They will tell you things like “You should look at porn because you will feel amazing when you masturbate,” “Look at that woman at the gym – isn’t she hot? I bet she would have sex with you better than your wife,” and if you are driving your car they will say “Drive your car into that tree ahead and all your pain will be over.” If you were hurt by your father they will tell you “All men are mean, selfish and evil and you need to pay them back for the pain your dad gave you!” and “You cannot trust God to protect you.”

Demons will suggest that you should eat more food then you should to cause you to feel better, to drink alcohol, to smoke marijuana, to steal money, to gossip, to lie, etc in order to hurt you and others. They are like a puppet master trying to control you covertly so you don’t learn that they are real and that most of your thoughts are coming from them. Demons can cause you to think that every decision you make is right and most decisions made by your spouse are wrong and that you cannot trust anyone including God.

Demons cause many church pastors to say that Christians cannot have demons and to preach that once you are saved you are always saved so that Christians believe they can live a life full of sin instead of making sin a rare thing in their life and walking in the fruit of the spirit. Demons cause people to believe that to be saved only requires they ask Jesus to come into their hearts (which is not in the Bible) and never pursue living a life of purity, righteousness and holiness. Demons often attach to our spine causing back and neck pain without having any traumas like sporting injuries, falls or car accidents. Demons can give us cancer when we refuse to forgive people for hurting us. Demons want us to not repent for sin or pride so we will not live a godly life with the fruit of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.


Demons want to cause a person to have much sin in their lives so they will not go to heaven. They want people to hurt other people by abusing them emotionally, physically or sexually and then lying about them to as many who will listen.

Demons do not want people to become aware of their existence within them because when people learn the truth about them they will pursue getting their soul wounds healed (through forgiveness of the people for hurting them, and repenting for their own pride and sin) and getting delivered from their demons.

So when a person begins to awaken to the fact that they are hearing demons in their thoughts and that demons can affect Christians who have not forgiven people for hurting them – then they will do everything they can to keep them from getting healed and delivered. The demons will lie to them by giving them thoughts trying to convince them that it is ridiculous to think they could have demons. Trying to cause them to be tempted more then ever sexually to sin because it feels good and they deserve it. Trying to cause them to stay away from deliverance ministers and teachings that would lead their host to freedom. Trying to cause as much confusion and chaos in their lives to keep them from hearing the truth and getting freed.

The truth of the matter is that demons can torment a Christian in their minds (thoughts) and bodies (pain, sickness and disease) as long as they have legal rights through unforgiveness, pride and sin. The demons attach to their soul (mind, will and emotions) due to the legal rights they have because of the Christian refusing to totally forgive someone, walking in pride and sinning. You can often detect demons within someone by looking into their eyes. If has often been said the eyes are the windows to our souls. Those who manifest with demons are often very controlling, mean, selfish, manipulative, selfish, raise their voice, sexually impure, and can be religious trying to make themselves appear godly but no true fruit of the spirit.

So it is critical for everyone to read the Bible and see how demons affect people every day. Then come out of agreement by having nothing within them that gives legal rights to demons to torment them. Choose to forgive all who hurt you (Matt 6:14-15) so that your sins will be forgiven by God. Repent for pride and sin and then command the demons to go to the pit. Do what Jesus did.

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