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It is amazing when you think about all the money that a person wastes when they have soul wounds and are not delivered from demons. When we get hurt and wounded growing up through our parents, relatives, neighbors, friends, etc we will hear demonic spirits whispering to us to drink, smoke, do drugs, overeat, have sex outside of marriage, try to look like a supermodel or play like a professional athlete and then spend lots of money on all these endeavors. We also have relationships and marriages with people who are unhealed and have demons which cost us more money spending it on frivolous things and enduring emotional abuse leading to additional costs. So have you considered the high costs of not getting delivered? When we are healed and delivered we are able to save money from all these expenses below:

– No longer spend money on addictive things like alcohol, cigarettes, marijuana, vaping, huffing, cigars, drugs, food, sex
– No longer need to spend on vanity / prideful things such as various expensive cosmetics, fillers, plastic surgery, hair treatments, expensive latest clothes fashion, supplements, etc
– Not need to spend money on identity issues such as transgender, surgeries to try to be a man or a woman when you aren’t and all the strife surrounding it
– Don’t have to spend money on counselors, psychologists or psychiatrists
– Don’t have to overspend on cars or houses or vacations because you don’t need to keep up an inflated image to impress people
– You make much wiser decisions with who to be friends with instead of people who will spend your money and you make wiser decisions on how to spend your time (with Jesus instead of evil things causing you to sin costing you more money)
– You will be healthier and not have to spend money on doctors and medicine
– You will be drawn to marry people who are healthier and delivered which will allow you not to have to go through a divorce and have much less stress and strife
– Your children will be healthier because you won’t be hurting them with your condemning words or actions

Thus when we are healed and delivered we don’t waste money on foolish things, we have much healthier relationships with godly people who won’t give you ungodly advice and waste your money on temporal things. You won’t have to spend money on the mistakes of family members because your family bloodline will make wise decisions.

So after you have been healed and delivered watch all the ways that you will be financially blessed and how much peace you will have. You can get healed and delivered by reading my latest book Freedom From Soul Wounds and Demons on Amazon at https://a.co/d/7viqDoK. You can also request an appointment with me from my assistant Tina by emailing her at tinak@restoredtofreedom.com

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