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Demons affect both Christians and non Christians alike in various ways including giving them thoughts in their minds and tormenting their physical bodies with sickness and disease due to various open doors / legal rights they have due to unforgiveness, pride, sin, curses, etc. Below are listed ten ways that they affect people:

ENTICE – They will entice you in your mind by telling you things such as “You can pick up that $100 bill lying on the floor at church and keep it, others would if you lost it.” Or “You deserve to have your sexual needs met so it’s ok to look at porn and masturbate.”

TORMENT – If you have any unforgiveness in your heart for anyone you will be tormented by demons. Matt 18:21-35 Jesus gives a parable and states if we don’t truly forgive everyone from our hearts that we will be turned over to the tormentors. Demons torment. You will be mentally tormented, as well as physical torment like sickness and diseases (Cancer, Arthritis, Heart Disease, etc.)

HARASS – Demons will tempt you to sin and then condemn you for it after you do it. You will be harassed and then get angry and trigger over little things to people thinking you are justified.

COMPEL – Compulsive behaviors like smoking, alcohol, drugs, eating unhealthy food which is gluttony, non stop talking

ENSLAVE – Looking at porn, lusting after women or men, masturbating, then after you do it you hate yourself because you feel dirty and perverted and know God is not pleased with your sin.

DEFILE – Makes you feel dirty and unclean especially when you are about to worship God or read your Bible as the demons will give you a dirty image or words that enter your mind. The demons can cause you to fall asleep when you attempt to read your Bible or listen to a godly teaching.

DECEIVE – All forms of deception are demonic and what opens the door to it is pride (the Leviathan spirit).

WEAKEN / SICKNESS / TIREDNESS / KILL – Demons of infirmity will cause you to be physically weak, have sickness in your body and disease, get tired and have no energy and ultimately want to kill you prematurely.

NO PEACE – You will hear thousands of demonic thoughts every day causing you anxiety, worry, fear and you can never rest.

JUSTIFY SIN – Tells the person that no one is perfect, and everyone does it, God loves you, once saved you are always saved as you can’t lose your salvation, everyone sins, and gives you reasons that cause you to justify keeping sin in your life and walking in the fruit of your flesh. They do not want you to repent and make sin rare in your life. They do not want you to walk in the fruit of the spirit. Galatians 5:16-26


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