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Yes. Babies are attached to the mother through the umbilical cord. Demons that are tormenting the mother will also have legal rights to attach to the child in the womb and as it grows up:

  • Fear – If the mother has a lot of fear due to the father of her child fighting and striving with her while pregnant or at the birth then spirits of fear will be able to attach to the baby. I worked with a mother who brought her 13 year old son to me and said he had fear his entire life. I asked her what happened when he was birthed. She said she had to get an emergency C section as the doctor said she could die trying to birth him the usual way. So she got in extreme fear. That spirit of fear then attached to her son. So I commanded the spirits of fear to leave and he was set free. 
  • Rejection – If the mother regretted being pregnant with the baby or the father didn’t want the baby or the parents considered abortion then it will receive a spirit of rejection and will struggle throughout their lives with feeling rejected easily by other people 
  • Birth defects or addictions – Certain drugs such as alcohol, some illegal drugs, and some prescription and over-the-counter medications and smoking are known to cause birth defects if taken during pregnancy. Drugs that can cause birth defects are called ‘teratogens’. A teratogen is a substance that interferes with the normal development of a fetus.
  • Curses of sickness – curses can be declared by parents or grandparents or other relatives over the baby. Those who have Freemasons or Shriners in their ancestry will have been cursed as they are required to make oaths to curse their own children, grandchildren and future generations
  • Witchcraft or Occult – Those who do witchcraft can curse the baby inside the womb and cause death or defects and those who practice occult activities will give rights to demons to attack

Obviously as the baby grows older it can be hurt through emotional, physical or sexual abuse which will also allow demons to attach to their soul and torment them in their minds and bodies. 

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