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People who are narcissistic and are affected by the spirit of Jezebel (both men and women) are impossible to please because nothing you do for them will ever be acceptable in their eyes. It’s because the demons that manifest in them love to control their victims to get them to obey their every whim and desire like a slave. They feel powerful when they are telling others what to do and criticizing them for everything multiple times every day so will never praise those who do exactly what they want because then they would have to admit they did good and they can’t stand that. So they will always tell you that you were not good enough in some area, you needed to do some additional things and you fell short of their expectations. 

So you could ask them what their expectations would be to complete any task and if you did it exactly as they requested they would still say there was something you didn’t do right to cause you to fall short so you will feel hurt and less than. It could be that you brought them a meal from a restaurant and then they would complain you forgot to get them a certain side, or got their favorite drink and they actually wanted a different drink. You could have planned a wonderful dinner for them and they will criticize that the main course was too cold, too hot, the dessert wasn’t good enough, etc. They will criticize your hair, body, clothing, intellect, job, etc. You take too long to do something or you go to fast. Nothing is good enough for them because their demons tell them they are perfect. They are especially critical of leaders in ministry always saying they can’t be trusted or they are false teachers, etc. They are extremely prideful and rarely admit they were wrong or if you confronted them for bad behavior they would say they got mad and angry because it was your fault for provoking them. 

So you will feel exhausted and hopeless which is exactly how they and their demons want you to feel. Understand that you could be Jesus Christ Himself and they would complain about Him. So don’t even listen to their demonic lies or you will feel exhausted and worn out. Believe what Jesus says about you. They need healed from their soul wounds, to forgive all who hurt them as a child and to get delivered from their demons. If they refuse to pursue deliverance the Lord will tell you when it’s time to get away and give them to God to deal with. 

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