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There are two types of witches who have infiltrated the church today – those who know they are witches and those who are unaware they are practicing witchcraft. Those who know they are actual witches are on assignments in the church to do as much damage as possible causing church splits and division by gossiping lies and half truths, getting close to the pastor & leadership so they will protect them, astral projecting on unsuspecting Christians to listen into their conversations and tormenting them and then later telling them the Holy Spirit showed them things about them making their victims believe they are godly, sending curses to attach to people who have open doors / legal rights for demons to attack them due to their unforgiveness, pride and sin and giving people jewelry, pictures, books, paintings, food, which gives them access due to them keeping things that were given to them which makes a spiritual contract. These witches usually operate in networks with covens and warlocks over regions. 

Then there are the more challenging witches to discern who are those who don’t know themselves that they are a witch and everyone in the church doesn’t know that they are witches because they act like they want the things of the Lord, act with a false humility but actually have a lot of pride and ultimately want others to listen and come to them over God. These types of witches will volunteer for church leadership positions, lead prayer and intercessory teams, often target to infiltrate and lead smaller home prayer groups because they can operate undetected by church pastors and leaders behind the closed doors. They will act like they are ultra holy and that they hear the Lord more clearly than anyone else and will subtly promote themselves to lead the groups, put their hands on people to pray over them and get words from divination demons while transferring demons to the people they pray for. No one they pray for gets delivered or healed. They are not willing to be submissive to a godly leadership and try to control others. 

They have strong spirits of Jezebel and Leviathan – very prideful.  They tend to only be able to attend a church for a year or so because they over reach for more power and control over people. Eventually a discerning leader becomes aware of them and so they are forced to leave. Their children are often living in rebellion because they hurt their own children with control and religious spirits of pride and if they are married they have a husband who is weak and operates in the Ahab spirit or they are often divorced but lie about their ex blaming him for abuse when in reality it is a false narrative as they were the ones who were controlling and abusive. The United States has a very strong prevalence of witchcraft operating in the church and in families which ultimately leads to divorce. 

A person needs to repent to God for their rebellion against the Lord. They need to forgive all who hurt them in their lives, repent for pride and sin and command the demons to go. 

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