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Deliverance should be a part of every church in the world

As soon as a new believer comes into the church they should go through deliverance.  Existing believers should all go through deliverance.  How many churches do you know that offer deliverance services? Many of the larger churches offer some sort of counseling / psychological services and some of the smaller ones offer pastoral counseling to try to help people who are struggling with spiritual issues (ie demons tormenting their thoughts). A few offer inner healing services but unfortunately, very few offer services to actually impact a person's life through getting delivered and freed from the demons that are tormenting them every day. So many people think about deliverance from Hollywood's scary and glorified perspective. The Exorcist, Poltergeist, head spinning, vomiting, slithering like snakes and deep dark voices from beyond. Witches dressed up in witch hats over cauldrons, casting spells and hexes on people trying to kill them. I never wanted to have anything to do with deliverance.  The Lord called me into the ministry by default as I had to deal with some family members who got affected through various events in life that gave the enemy the legal right to torment them and then torment me.  I could not…

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